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Detectives, Sea Monsters, and Stupid and Dangerous Stunts – Take Thursday’s Quiz | Life and Style

A new Year! 2022! An opportunity for a new beginning! An opportunity to leave it all behind! Everything is renewed! But not here at Thursday’s contest, where it’s the same old gubbins as ever, or as one excited commentator put it last week: “Sheesh Martin, Sparks shoehorn? Again? “Ahead of you are 15 topical and general knowledge questions, peppered with generous help from Ron de Sparks, a hidden Doctor Who reference, the wonderful Kate Bush, and all your favorites. It’s just for fun and not there are prizes, but let us know how it goes in the comments.

Thursday’s questionnaire, n. 37

one.WHO I AM? I am a very successful singer with many hits to my name over a long period of time, and in 2021 I sold more calendars than any other singer.

two.LITERATURE: What was the name of the fictional detective created by PD James who first appeared in his 1962 novel Cover Her Face?

3.ELEMENTARY MY DEAR WATSON: Speaking of fictional detectives, which of the four Arthur Conan Doyle novels starring Sherlock Holmes was published first?

Four.ON THIS DAY: What changed in the United States on January 6, 1973, and would it remain that way until April 27, 1975?

5.GCSE SCIENCE CORNER: Biology this week, and we’re talking about mitosis, the process in which the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell divides. What phase of mitosis involves pulling chromosomes and their copies to different ends of the cell before division?

6.HAPPY BIRTHDAY: It’s the brilliant Nicola Coughlan’s birthday on Sunday. Happy birthday, Nicola! But which Derry Girl is she?

7.TRUE OR FALSE: Did Russ Abbott’s song Atmosphere rank above Joy Division’s song Atmosphere on the UK Singles Chart?

8.REINFORCEMENTS: That’s a 1974 Sparks song where they could use a strong rearguard. But that is not important at this time. Hadrian’s Wall is apparently celebrating its 1900 anniversary this year, but according to the English Heritage website, how far does it extend?

9.FLAGS OF JOY: This is the flag of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville. Where is?

10.YES YES INDUSTRIAL ESTATE: That’s a song by The Fall. But where is Thwaite Mills, an industrial museum of a fully restored working water mill from the 1820s?

eleven.FLYING THINGS, BUT IN THE SEA: What was the Monster of the Caspian Sea?

12.THE PLAY IS THE THING: Who wrote The Dumb Waiter, first performed in 1959 and performed here by Toby Jones and Jason Watkins in 2004?

13.GREET MY DEAR: The Cité du Vin museum is the literally hilarious name of one of the best museums in France. But where is it located?

14.MUSIC: Obviously, when Adele released her album last year she swept all the previous ones. But which of these women had UK’s No.1 album directly before Adele’s 30 topping the list?

fifteen.STUPID CHALLENGES: There was controversy after an Amazon Alexa device suggested a 10-year-old to do what a stupid trick when asked for ‘a challenge’.

  • If you think there has been an egregious mistake in one of the questions or answers, feel free to email [email protected], but remember, the quiz master’s word is always final, and your new year! The resolution was to ignore all of his work emails.

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