Wednesday, June 29

Detroit Tigers declare their intention with a smart signing

Eduardo Rodriguez’s free agency was established as a Rorschach test for his most recent stat line.

Would people see the worst ERA in the Red Sox pitcher’s career (4.74)? Would they focus on the dull roundness of his 100+ ERA, marking the first time Rodriguez pitched more than 110 innings in a season and failed to record above average? Would they take advantage of the fact that he had averaged more than one hit per inning pitched? (His 9.8 H / 9 was in the top 10 worst marks in baseball among pitchers with more than 140 IPs.) OR Instead, would people consider the fact that Rodriguez had just posted a higher strikeout rate in his career (27.4%) and a lower walk rate in his career (7.0%)? Would they look at the statistical evidence that suggested he had been unusually unlucky with batted balls while playing in front of an unsatisfactory defense? Would they see how good it was at limiting hard contact, one of the 10 lowest average exit speeds in MLB?

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