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DGT: New fines that can be imposed with the new Traffic Law

On Monday, March 21, the new Traffic Law came into force with new regulations and tougher sanctions

This Monday the new Traffic Law came into force, which brings with it the tightening of sanctions that we already knew and, in addition, new fines and loss of points.

Among the main changes to take into account are that now, on conventional roads, drivers of cars and motorcycles will no longer be able to exceed the maximum speed allowed to overtake other vehicles by 20 km/h. A measure that seeks to minimize the risk caused by overtaking and thus reduce the accident rate on conventional roads.

Another of the sanctions that are hardened is for not using the seat belt, child restraint systems and other protection elements, or not doing it properly. You can lose 4 points of the card.

With the new Law, if you drive holding mobile phone devices in your hand you can lose 6 points, and throwing objects that can cause fires or accidents onto the road or in its vicinity entails the loss of 6 points

Be very careful when overtaking a bicycle or a moped, as you must do so by completely occupying the adjoining lane on roads with 2 or more lanes in each direction. On single lane roads, you will have to maintain the minimum lateral separation of 1.5 meters or you will lose 6 points.

Now, regardless of the infractions that have been committed, the term to recover the initial balance of points is 2 years if no infractions are committed that lead to the loss of points. In addition, it is no longer necessary to physically carry your driving license. Thanks to the miDGT App, you will be able to prove that you have authorization to drive.

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Another rule is that when you take a test to obtain or recover your driving license or other administrative procedures for driving, you cannot use intercom devices that are not legally authorized. It is also considered a very serious infraction to collaborate or assist another person for this purpose. In case of doing so, the applicant will not be able to take the tests to obtain or recover the permit within a period of six months.

Rules for mopeds

Now, if you have a motorcycle or moped, you can use certified or approved wireless devices in your crash helmet for communication or navigation purposes.

Not wearing the helmet or not wearing it properly will make you lose 4 points.

Personal mobility vehicles

Now, if you are underage and driving, your alcohol level is 0.0. Remember that Personal Mobility Vehicles (vehicles with one or more wheels equipped with a single seat and propelled exclusively by motors, such as electric scooters) are prohibited from circulating on highways and expressways.

New rules for cyclists

Now, to protect you, vehicles that need to overtake a bicycle or moped will have to do so completely occupying the adjoining lane if the road has 2 or more lanes in each direction. And if the road only has one lane, keep the minimum separation of 1.5 meters.

If you are underage and driving, your alcohol level is 0.0.

In addition, it is prohibited to stop or park in the bike lane or on cycle paths. Failure to comply is considered a serious violation.

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