Tuesday, August 3

Di María, urgently substituted after an assault at his home

  • The player’s wife and daughters were at home and have been held, but have not suffered damage

  • Marquinhos’ parents have suffered a similar episode this very night

Angel di Maria has suffered a assault on your home during the match that his team played against him Nantes, as has happened to Marquinhos parents, also residents of Paris. This has been confirmed by the Parisian club itself to the French media after the Argentine footballer was urgently replaced during the game after a conversation between Leonardo, sports director, and Mauricio Pochettino, coach, who accompanied the footballer to the changing rooms in the middle of the game while he spoke in his ear.

Di María was strangely substituted at the time of the PSG-Nantes game, with the match tied (Nantes ended up winning by 1-2) and despite being one of the most outstanding. Leonardo came down from the box through the stands until he could talk to Pochettino. They had an unusual conversation for a few minutes and then the coach asked for the change. Pochettino accompanied Di María through the changing room tunnel, some French media assure that with the footballer crying. Leonardo also went down to the changing rooms and later he could be seen talking on his cell phone in the box with a worried gesture.

Two little girls

PSG confirmed that it was “a serious personal matter“of the player, who a few days ago celebrated his renewal with PSG, and shortly after revealed that during the match there had been a assault on your house, in which according to several French media such as ‘L’Équipe’ and RMC Sport was the player’s family: his wife and two daughters. A few hours later, the Argentine media clarified that none of them had suffered physical damage, beyond the tremendous ‘shock’ of being held by some assailants. RMC spoke of a “extremely violent” robbery.

The club added that another club player had suffered a similar episode tonight. Is about Marquinhos, and specifically the house that was attacked would have been that of his parents, who fortunately were not damaged either. The Brazilian central played the entire game.

The precedents

It may interest you

Di María already suffered a robbery at his home in 2015, when he played for Manchester United, and the safety of his family was one of the arguments he used to leave England. In February his partner Mauricio Icardi, also Argentine, had already suffered an assault at his home. The thieves took jewelry, luxury clothing and watches valued at 400,000 euros, according to French media. Fortunately, in her case there was no one at home and it was the household employees who found out what happened the next morning.

At the end of the match, Pochettino referred to the matter: “There is the disappointment of having lost three points, but the group was worried about things you probably already know about“, explained the coach, without clarifying when they had news of what happened.” It is not an excuse, but there was an unusual power drop. We have spoken with the players, but not about what has happened in football. There are extra-sports situations that must be taken into account and that explain the second half “.


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