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Diabetes: The Best Sweet Foods to Eat During the Holidays

Christmas is just around the corner; desserts and high-calorie meals are the hallmarks of the time. Cakes, cookies and other dishes with excess carbohydrates, sugar and salt are common on the tables during December. For a diabetic, this can be a torment. If you have diabetes, these are some of the best sweet foods to eat during the holidays.

With so many temptations on the Christmas dinner table, it’s hard to resist excesses. AND For a person suffering from diabetes, an excess can lead to many health complicationsfrom a sudden spike in blood glucose levels to more serious disease-related problems. By the way, if you suspect that you may have diabetes, these are some signs that you should not ignore.

So for diabetics it is worth being careful with the choice of dishes during Christmas dinner and other December celebrations, in order to minimize the effect that a binge can unleash on your health.

The nutritionist Mariel Marquez pointed out in Infobae some tips to avoid sugar highs while not depriving yourself of holiday treats. For example, accompanying all meals with vegetables helps avoid glucose spikes, as well as eating and drinking in moderation at all times.

Márquez also shared some dessert recipes suitable for diabetics on these dates:

Chocolate truffles: Melt a tablespoon of peanut butter in a double boiler along with 80 grams of unsweetened chocolate. Add three tablespoons of heavy cream and mix. Put in the refrigerator until it hardens to later form small balls that can be sprinkled with bitter cocoa.

Tiramisu: Prepare a glass of strong coffee sweetened with no calorie sweetener. Then, whisk 299 grams of light cream cheese, 200 grams of light milk cream and 200 grams of natural yogurt or light vanilla with sweetener to taste. When a creamy mixture is achieved, divide it in two and add bitter cocoa to one half and sweetener to taste to the other half. Get 250 grams of sugar-free vanilla cookies and soak them in coffee. In a rectangular container, place a layer of cookies and both filling mixes until you finish with the cookies and form a kind of cake. Sprinkle with bitter cocoa and grated unsweetened chocolate. Refrigerate for several hours before eating.

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Remember that fruit salads accompanied by half a cup of orange juice or light natural yogurt and no calorie sweetener are also a great option for dessert.

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