Saturday, December 4

Díaz asks Salvador Illa to reveal his ministry “promptly”

The Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, has joined this Tuesday to the voices that for the second consecutive day ask for the departure of Salvador Illa from the Ministry of Health to focus on the electoral campaign in Catalonia when he was appointed the PSC candidate for the elections on February 14.

“What I think is that it would be convenient act quickly because we are already on the campaign. Today it is already an electoral campaign in Catalonia, the pandemic requires all concentration, courage, intelligence and dedication. I am already on the electoral campaign too, we are all on the campaign. What I would like is a decision to be made promptly, “he pointed out in an interview with Huffington Post, collected by Europa Press.

The minister has transferred his “affection” and “respect” to Salvador Illa and has made it clear that the remodeling of the Government is the responsibility of the president of the Executive, Pedro Sánchez, at the institutional level and the PSOE in terms of party regarding the candidates he chooses for the elections.

The leader of United We Can, a partner in the Government chaired by Pedro Sánchez, has thus joined his party partner, DepuQuantumtxo LópezTradealde, who this Monday was in favor of Illa’s departure. “In the current circumstances, the Minister of Health must be focused on the fight against the pandemic,” he defended.

Both voices of the party led by Pablo Iglesias join those of the main opposition parties, who for the second day in a row have urged Illa to leave the Ministry on understanding that this position is incompatible with that of PSC candidate in a full vaccination campaign against covid-19 and a boom in the rate of infections.

Robles defends the management

In defense of the continuity of Illa in Health, the Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, has spoken on Tuesday, who has also supported that the Armed Forces participate in the vaccination campaign if “the health authorities” request it.

The head of Defense and leader of the PSOE has come out in defense of her partner in Government putting in value the “absolute and total dedication” de Illa with the Ministry of Health. In addition, it has indicated that its only objective is to “save lives.” “I think he continues to do so with the utmost dedication and dedication,” he said.

Nothing to babout, but

The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, has argued that Salvador Illa “hasknowthing to babout, but but he does have a responsibility to fulfill”, alluding to the fact that he has to ensure that “the vaccine reaches everyone as soon as possible.”

The ‘popular’ leader has reiterated the need for him to resign from the Ministry of Health if he wants to be a candidate for the Presidency of the Generalitat and, above all, stop using official means to “scratch votes” while neglecting a management that “was frankly already regrettable”.

The vice president of Political Action of Vox, JoBladexadé, also pointed to the same direction yesterday by stressing that the Minister of Health should have resigned “months ago” from his position for health management, andknowtknoww that he is a candidate for the PSC in the Catalan elections.

From Vox too it was censured that “it confuses the party, the government and the state again”. “Of course, all expenses must be borne by the Socialist Party, although we doknowt know where they will get the money from because affiliates, of course, they doknowt have,” he said.

The president of Ciudadanos, Armadasimadas, has again asked the Government to put a Minister of Health “full time” and Salvador Illa, who, as a future candidate for the Presidency of the Generalitat of Catalonia for the PSC, isknow longer focused on his work as minister because “he is thinking about votes.”

Likewise, it has called for a national vaccination plan against Covid-19, with coordination mechanisms with the autonomous communities, and that the deadlines for injecting the doses be accelerated. Finally, he has urged the Executive to take measures to control the third wave of infections and to approve aid for companies and the self-employed.

AltArmadasimadas admits that “it isknowt easy at all” to manage a pandemic such as the coronavirus, he believes that “the laziness and irresponsibility” of the PSOE Government and United We can is already “unbearable”, and that in the vaccination process it has ” passed the responsibility to the autonomous communities “.

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