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Díaz assures that there will be dialogue with the parties on the labor reform

The Second Vice President and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Diaz, has assured this Wednesday, during the control session to the Government, that there will be dialogue with political parties on labor reform, which is in negotiations with the unions and the employers and which must be approved before the end of the year to obtain the receipt of European funds.

“I will keep my word. I need discretion in the current management, but of course the dialogue will also be political“, Díaz replied to the ERC deputy, Lluís Salvadó.

The Catalan parliamentarian has recognized the “good management” of the Ministry of Labor during the pandemic, but he has reminded Díaz that with the labor reform “It’s the time for the truth”. Salvadó has valued the social dialogue on which the future regulations are being built, although he has insisted that “the model of labor relations that the Legislative can establish is also legitimate.”

For this reason, the ERC deputy has stressed that “You cannot repeat what happened to the Pensions Lawand he has asked Díaz for a debate on labor reform in Congress.

The labor reform must be published in the Official State Gazette (BOE), before December 31, as part of the Government’s commitment to Brussels to receive European funds. Given the proximity of the date, the social dialogue table, made up of the Government, the unions and the employers, has started to hold daily meetings to try to reach a tripartite agreement.

Díaz has repeated on several occasions, including this Wednesday’s session, that the Government of Spain will “keep its word”, as well as its Government agreement and component 23 sent to Brussels, and the reform will be approved before the end of the year. The last Council of Ministers of this 2021 is scheduled for December 28, and it is not ruled out that the social dialogue table will rush the deadlines.

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“Authentic destruction” of the job market

Salvadó has reproached the minister that they are not listening to “any proposal” on the dismissals and has also expressed the concern of his group in this regard. He has also warned him that they will not have his “applause” if future legislation does not include “basic and fundamental questions.”

Díaz has reassured the ERC deputy and assured the plenary session that the intention of this labor reform is to reverse the rules “that have caused a real destruction to the Spanish labor market.”

Although the negotiation is “discreet”, Díaz has exposed some of the positions of his portfolio such as trying to rebalance collective bargaining, recovering the ultra-activity of the agreements, improving subcontracting and ending precariousness and temporality, “the biggest problem that has Spain “.

“If we have precarious lives, if we have precarious jobs, we have a precarious country. Ultimately, with your support we will be able to change our country,” Diaz answered Salvadó. The minister also thanked ERC for its “maturity and good sense” in supporting the Government..

“Where there are papers, the beards are silent”

Díaz has also responded in this control session to the Vox deputy, Macarena Olona, ​​who has questioned him for the right to protest. Díaz has cited article 7 of the Constitution, which recognizes the defense of the economic and social interests of trade unions and business associations, and has emphasized the Government’s compliance with the Constitution.

Olona has accused Díaz that with her “the workers have lost their right to strike.” and it has also charged against the unions, which “protect” the minister instead of the workers, according to the parliamentarian.

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“Where there are papers, beards are silent,” Diaz replied, and has read some points of the Vox program that refer to labor issues. “They will never govern, but if they did govern, they would have strikes and massive mobilizations,” he warned.

The minister has cited the limitation of pickets to work centers, the end of ultra-activity, the reduction of compensation for dismissal, junk contracts, the cut in public pensions or the delay in the retirement age, all included on the Vox show.

“If your program was carried out (…), you were going to be victims of massive mobilizations,” the minister has settled.

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