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Díaz Ayuso sweeps and caresses the absolute majority, according to the GAD3 poll



Without surprises and without leaving the line that the last had been drawing polls of the elections to the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso would get a clear victory with a 43.7% of the votes, which is equivalent to a fork of 62-65 seats, very close to the absolute majority, which is in 69 seats, according to data from the GAD3 survey for Telemadrid.

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He is followed by the socialist candidate, Angel Gabilondo which according to this survey gives him among the 25 and 28 seats in the Madrid Assembly, and a 18.4% of the vote, which is seven seats less than in the 2019 elections, when Gabilondo won 37 deputies.

Mónica García, for More Madrid would not get to make the surprise to the PSOE, and get among the 21 and 24 seats, with a vote estimate of 16.1%. In the last elections, Íñigo Errejón’s party reached 20 deputies with 14.69% of the vote estimate.

Vox, as it happened in the Madrid elections of 2019, it is established as the fourth force in the Community of Madrid and would reach the 9.2% in voting estimate, with 12-14 deputies in the assembly, very similar to the 2019 figures when it reached 12 seats. Santiago Abascal’s party will be necessary for Díaz Ayuso to get the absolute majority, which is in the 69 seats. The two parties together would be in a hairpin of 74-79 deputies and they would add the 52.9% of the votes.

We can, which began in the polls at the limit of 5%, which is what gives the possibility of representation, has managed to reach the 7.9%, which gives 10-11 seats. The irruption of Pablo Iglesias in the electoral campaign by leaving the post of vice president of the Government has managed to save United We Can from the absolute debacle, although the role of the purple formation seems to have become testimonial and to have a marginal influence in the Assembly. The three left would only achieve 42.4% of the vote estimate, compared to 52.9% for PP and Vox.

The big loser of these elessons from the Community of Madrid, according to the GAD3 survey for Telemadrid, following what all the estimates had been saying, it is Citizens. The candidacy led by Edmundo Bal does not achieve representation and only reaches the 3.2% of the vote estimate. In the last elections of 2019, with Ignacio Aguado as head of the list, he reached 26 seats and 19.5% of the votes.

Participation this May 4 at 7:00 p.m. is 69.19%, 11 points more than in 2019. The first data, at 1:00 p.m., already pointed to a greater participation in these Madrid elections, two points above 2019. The latest advance of the Madrid’s community has confirmed expectations: at 7:00 p.m. on March 4, 69.19% of the electorate has turned out to vote, 11 points more than in the 2019 regional elections, when participation at that same time was 58 , 13%. These results make clear the victory of the Popular Party that almost surpasses, in vote estimate (42.6%), the three parties on the left, which achieved 43.2%.

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