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Díaz-Canel attacks the Spanish conquest on Mexico’s Fatherland Day

Correspondent in Mexico City



Miguel Diaz-Canel makes his third visit to Mexico City – during the term of President López Obrador – together with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodríguez. This visit coincides with yesterday’s celebration of Mexico’s Independence Day, in which the Cuban president was the guest of honor. His trip is also part of the VI Summit of Heads of State of the leftist Community of Latin American and Caribbean States.

López Obrador and Díaz-Canel, both with direct Spanish ancestors – Cantabrians and Asturians – added yesterday his rejection of the Spanish conquest, A recurring theme of the Mexican president, and they also made a plea for the unblocking of the Cuban economy, in the face of a suffocating crisis aggravated by the pandemic. Up to 15,000 members of the Mexican Armed Forces occupied the Plaza de la Constitución, colloquially like the Zócalo, within the acts to commemorate the 200 years of independence from the Spanish Crown. The objective of such pageantry glimpses the public demand for the interruption of the economic blockade of Cuba by the United States.

“May President Biden act with that greatness and put an end forever to the policy of grievances towards Cuba,” claimed López Obrador

López Obrador asked the President of the United States, Joe Biden, to “cease the grievances against Cuba,” highlighting the role of the people of the Caribbean nation for “resisting 62 years before the US blockade.” The Mexican politician explained that “no state has the right to subdue another people.” Qualifying as a “historical feat” what happened after the Cuban revolution. “Díaz-Canel represents a people that has known how to defend with dignity their right to live free and independent without allowing the interference of any power,” said López Obrador, the same day that the European Parliament denounced the retaliation of the regime after the July 11 protests. “Hopefully President Biden, who has sufficient political sensitivity, acts with that greatness and puts an end forever to the policy of grievances towards Cuba,” he claimed.

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Against the embargo

The requirements for the unblocking requested from the platform to Biden led AMLO to quote George Washington verbatim that no nation should take advantage of “the misfortune of the peoples” and added that it “looks bad” for the US government to use these practices.

In his speech, Díaz-Canel also made reference to the embargo on the island, since “they suffer the ravages of a war with an opportunistically intensified blockade”, blaming the crisis on the pandemic that, according to his words, affects less developed countries . Almost the whole colloquium dealt with the Spanish conquest which he described as “terrible”, with “unbridled massacre and destruction of the troops under the command of Hernán Cortés who came from Cuba.” He went on to define that army as “the civilization that fell on the Aztec people to destroy them,” forgetting that Cortés’ victory was possible thanks to the 9,500 indigenous soldiers from Cempoala, the Tlaxcalans and Cholula who allied themselves with the Spanish.

The Cuban leader did not miss the opportunity to point out to the media about the information regarding his regime: “We are facing a parallel campaign of hate and disinformation mounted on digital platforms.”

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