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Díaz warns companies that he is looking for “a formula” to intervene in the ERE




The concretion demanded today by Bildu to the Minister of Labor, Yolanda Diaz, regarding his plans “in a timely manner” to repeal the labor reform has received a clear answer: “Yes, we are going to repeal the labor reform of the PP and I will be accountable in this Chamber and I will do what I have to do if those works do not they are completed before December ”, he said in the control session to the Government to questions from the Basque deputy Oskar Matute. A clear message, in which the minister has been influencing for days, and with which she seeks keep the relationship with your parliamentary partners oiled, a task inherited directly from Pablo Iglesias and which seems key in the face of the important regulatory changes that are going to be launched in the labor field.

In addition to the message in a political key, the Minister of Labor has also sent a warning to companies that have announced massive layoffs, such as BBVA or Caixabank. According to Díaz, these dismissals are covered by the labor reform that prevents the Executive from acting but has asserted that he is seeking “The formula to intervene”. It is not the first time that the minister has intervened in this matter because last week her Ministry sent two letters to these entities and to the representatives of the workers to pressure them to reduce the number of affected employees, a movement that caused a huge stir in the business world.

The documents submitted assured that the ERE presented had “elements of special gravity and significance, both due to the impact that the communicated business intention has on employment, and, in particular, due to its effects on workers.” In the case of Caixabank departures are expected to affect almost 7,800 people, and is especially relevant given that the State, through the FROB, holds 16.1% of the firm’s capital; in the case of BBVA, the people affected are around 3,450.

Díaz has thus insisted in the Plenary that his action will go beyond the repeal of this reform. And, after the list of duties that the abertzale training has put on the table, Díaz has insisted that the ultra-activity of the agreements will be recovered, the company agreements will be given power against the sectorial ones, Article 41 will be repealed by means of which allows companies to make a “substantial modification” of working conditions and will put an end to subcontracting.

«The labor reform has caused the largest wage drop in the history of Spain and the impoverishment of the working classes. The former popular minister has already said it in this House, Fatima Banez», Diaz has settled. In response to another question posed by the ERC deputy Marina Rosique, Díaz has assured that he will seek change recruitment bonuses “completely” because “they are a dead weight for the economy” and he has insisted that this point is included in the Recovery Plan sent to Brussels.

The PP asks for explanations

The statements of the third vice president have quickly found a response in the PP. The popular parliamentary spokesperson, Cuca gamarra, has recorded the contradictions of the Government in this matter, in which Diaz and Calviño maintains opposing positions, and has warned of the risk that this dichotomy poses for European funds. «Yolanda Díaz affirms that she is going to repeal the labor reform of the PP … the opposite of what Calviño promised in Brussels. Who is lying? Where does the government lie: in Spain or in Brussels? This puts European funds at risk, they must clarify it immediately, “Gamarra said in a tweet.

Minutes later, in a statement without questions offered in the courtyard of Congress, Gamarra once again expressed his “concern.” “We have heard three times that the repeal of the labor reform will be carried out before the end of the year. We have asked the ministers Ribera and Escrivá for rectification. Faced with their silences, our concern grows. Either Calviño lies in Brussels or Díaz lies in the seat of popular sovereignty. This lie puts the arrival of European funds at risk. We ask the Government to deny Mrs. Díaz “, the popular spokesperson has settled.

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