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Díaz warns that the PSOE-A is playing to be “a branch that is directed from outside”

The candidate in the primary elections of the Andalusian PSOE, Susana Díaz.

The candidate in the primary elections of the Andalusian PSOE, Susana Díaz.

The candidate in the primary elections of the Andalusian PSOE, Susana Díaz, in her starting act of campaign in La Algaba (Seville), has ensured that “On June 13, we are at stake to continue being the heart that pumps socialism of the whole country from Andalusia or to be a branch that is directed from outside ”.

Diaz has proclaimed that “This is the campaign for dignity, the respect and autonomy of the PSOE of Andalusia ”.

Therefore, he has claimed “Respect and autonomy so that the 46,000 militants freely decide their future“and has ensured that the” autonomy of the Andalusian socialists is not a political marketing table for anyone “and, therefore, has called to decide” the best for the present and the future of our land, in the defense of green and white that has been the guarantee that, above all, the PSOE has defended the interests of Andalusia ”.

In an act, to which he has attended with “enthusiasm and positive energy to gain the trust of my colleagues”, Díaz has valued the militants of the PSOE of Andalusia, who in addition to being “the heart of the PSOE, pump the PSOE of Spain filling the polls with socialist votes ”, he stressed.

The candidate thanked the mayor of Algabe, Diego Manuel Agüera for the support, and has put as an example the socialists of this Sevillian municipality, a group of young people who “many years ago demonstrated that what is dreamed of and fought with courage and in that way is achieved”.

“They managed to turn La Algaba around, going from paralysis to a municipality that is growing and is a benchmark in the region,” he highlighted.

Hierro fears that Díaz and Espadas will use the militancy censuses against him

For his part, the candidate for the primaries for the Presidency of the Junta de Andalucía in the PSOE Luis Angel Hierro has shown this Sunday the fear that the local and provincial leaderships that support the other two candidates, Susana Díaz and Juan Espadas, use the membership censuses to which they have access against them and to “hide” information.

In a press conference prior to a meeting at the Córdoba provincial headquarters with his campaign committees from the eight Andalusian provinces, Hierro stated that his candidacy does not have access “to any data” of the militancyTherefore, any communication must be transmitted through the Guarantee Commission, which is “the one that has to give the order for it to be issued.”

The candidate for the primaries for the Presidency of the Junta de Andalucía in the PSOE Luis Ángel Hierro. EFE

For this reason, he has ensured that he does not understand “in any way that the number of emails is limited to two” throughout the campaign, which lasts fifteen days, a decision that he considers “harms our candidacy because we are a basic candidacy “that does not have” to the general secretaries who have the lists with the emails “with which to forward the communications of the candidacies to the primaries.

Faced with this reality, he has complained that “We cannot make our agenda arrive with the same ease as the rest of the candidacies”, which is why he has claimed that “there is at least one email a day” from the party’s regional structure and has wondered if the limitation was intended to “prevent information from arriving.”

The candidate has indicated that the general secretaries can say without sending “an information or they do not send it” of a certain candidacy and that the other two candidates in the socialist primaries have the support of many local and provincial officials, although he has specified that he did not affirm that they were doing it, despite the fact that, as they have the censuses, “they can decide whether to send information or not, that’s how it is,” he emphasized.

“One can assume that he is going to behave as he has to behave, but it may be that he does not,” he said, to cite below the case of three of his endorsements that appeared as if they were from Juan Espadas.

Among the objectives of the campaign, Luis Ángel Hierro has ensured that wanted to meet with UGT in all provinces as a “sister union” in which there is “a lot of militancy” of the PSOE and also with “other groups that we have evidence of being close.”

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