Friday, January 28

Did Trump commit a crime in the controversial call in which he pressured an official to change the election result in Georgia?

  • Beatriz Díez (@bbc_diez)
  • BBC World News


Georgia’s results are insufficient to turn around Donald Trump’s electoral defeat I

Alll I want to do is this I I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have because we won the state I”

These wo Tos of Donald Trump summarize one of the last attempts of the president of the United States to reverse the results of the elections of last November 3, in this case those of the state of Georgia, which gave atheir winner his rival, the Democrat Joe Biden I

The president delivered them on Satu Toay during a telephone conversation of more than an hour with the Secretary of State of Georgia, the Republican Brian Raffensperger, and legal representatives, whose content was released this Sunday by the newspaper The Washington Post I

In the reco Toing, you can hear Trump pressuring Raffensperger by insisting that he won the Georgia election and saying that there is nothing wrong with saying that the votes have been “recalculated I”

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