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Digital District: engine for digital transformation in the Valencian Community

Image of Building 3 of the facilities of the Digital District of Alicante.

Image of Building 3 of the facilities of the Digital District of Alicante.

Valencian Community Digital District, the technological hub promoted by the Ministry of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society, works with the objective of generating and promoting innovation, wealth and employment projects in the field of new technologies, and promoting the change of the traditional production model towards the digital economy.

A change that has proven to be more urgent and necessary than ever. The impact of Covid-19 has triggered the use of new technologies (ICT) and we have been able to verify that the companies with the highest degree of penetration of digital technologies have shown greater resilience. It is not just about the possibility of working remotely effectively and safely, or having a marketplace in order not to lose sales and customers, but rather that companies can also increase their productivity, achieve greater profitability and reduce costs in their processes.

Consequently, with a view to the future, to improve the resilience and adaptation capacity of companies to adverse conditions, it is necessary to move towards greater digitization, one of the tasks that Digital District approaches with the full conviction that this is a camino fundamental towards the economy of the future.

Digital District Facilities.

In line with this work strategy, Digital District carries out throughout this year different B2B initiatives (from the English business-to-business refers to commercial transactions between companies) to make the technology developed in the hub available to the Valencian productive fabric, as well as the promotion of various forums and activities aimed at the business fabric to publicize the real opportunities and advantages it offers digital transformation to face the future in the best conditions.

An example of this bet is the day held this week under the title ‘Innovation and digital transformation, as the basis for success’, that has had the collaboration of the Ministry of Innovation and Digital District.

At this meeting, closed by the president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, the importance of facilitating the transfer of scientific-investigative and technological knowledge to traditional sectors was highlighted, among other aspects, a process that will accelerate the change of productive model and it will also result in an improvement in the levels of productivity and Per Capita Income of the Valencian economy.

Likewise, this coming Thursday November 26 the I Alcoy Digital Transformation Conference, titled ‘Before and after’, to make known to companies the real cases and current applications of technology in the digital transformation of companies.

Digital District Building.

Organized by Digital District, together with the Alcoi City Council (Alicante), the Alcoi Campus of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) and the Fundación Empresa Universidad de Alicante –Fundeun, the objective of this meeting is precisely to ensure that the technologies developed in the technology hub directly affect the territory industry, and there is a real transfer of knowledge both towards professionals and the talent from the different training centers, as well as towards citizens.

The moment to boost digital transformation of the productive fabric of the Valencian Community, without a doubt, is now. Quite a challenge and challenge that marks the path to the digital economy of the present and the future.

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