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“Digitization allows us to guarantee service in crisis situations, such as extreme weather effects”

Paco Muñoz, manager of Hidraqua

Paco Muñoz, manager of Hidraqua

Groundwater is a fundamental source of supply. About 40 percent of irrigated land depends on it, and at the same time, almost half of the world’s population depends on groundwater for drinking. “Hidraqua manages a total of forty wells in the Valencian Community and the digital transformation that these infrastructures have undergone in recent years has been key to guaranteeing the service”, points out Francisco Muñoz, manager of Hydraqua in the area of ​​Elda, Bajo Vinalopó and l’Alacantí.

Muñoz started working in the group thirteen years ago. Since then, he has been linked to the Operations and Works department and has experienced firsthand how the digital transformation allows the company to be more efficient and anticipate certain situations that have put the guarantee of supply at risk, such as extreme weather events. .

“During the storm Gloria, experienced last January 2020, several municipalities of Alto Vinalopó and Alacantí were physically cut off by the snow. If the management of the wells had not been digitized, the continuity of the service could have been compromised since the information offered by the digital solutions that we have allowed us to act immediately to resolve incidents ”, he highlights.


Before well management was digitized, an operator needed to travel to this location and check the operation of the well on the spot and that all the parameters were adequate. To date, Hidraqua has tools that allow its control in real time and offer information on the status of the installation. Thus, for example, there are sensors that measure the level and quality of water and software that allow efficient management of underground catchments, optimizing their maintenance to minimize energy consumption, failures and repairs, thus guaranteeing the continuity of the service and sustainability. of water resources. “In other words, it allows us to know if the pumps are working correctly, when the installation reviews should be carried out, monitor the level of the wells and analyze which is most exploited or which needs to be recovered, among other aspects. ”.

Water extraction pipe from a well

These tools, which are installed in all the wells managed by Hidraqua in the Region, will also provide global data on their status and available reserves.

In addition, the company has online platforms for centralized management that allow the information available to be collected and systematized to facilitate efficient management. “This is how we were able to detect that something was happening during the storm Gloria, first through the sensors that collect the information and it is shown in the digital tools; issuing a notice to all those involved in the management of this facility ”, explains Muñoz.

Innovative solutions for the management of the integral water cycle

“Digitization is the only way. Being able to have all the necessary data on the status of the integral water cycle facilities and tools that allow us to operate remotely at all times without having to travel to the facility is essential to guarantee the service and especially in situations of crises such as the pandemic or extreme meteorological effects, which are increasingly frequent, ”concludes Muñoz.

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