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Dining on the other side of the divide: ‘I thought, damn, this is ridiculous’ | Life and Style

Nickie, 68, Stockport


Occupation Establish an astrology business, after a career in sales.

Voting record I work for the last 40 years, Tory before that

Appetizer Nickie is a great ice skater; his son appears in Disney on Ice

Mike, 46, Stockport


Occupation Support worker in an NHS mental health crisis team and in the final year of a master’s degree in social work

Voting record Labor since he started voting, except in 2019 when Lib Dem voted

Appetizer David used to compete in muay thai, Thailand’s national sport

For starters

Miguel I was there 10 minutes before.

Nickie He was very respectable. You think the younger guys who are a little fancy are going to be pretty right-wing. From the views I had, I would have expected longer hair.

Miguel I was expecting a hippy, with dreadlocks, due to astrology. But she looked very smart, a bit glamorous. She seemed quite vibrant, energetic, and inquisitive.

Nickie I had a mushroom pizza and we shared a bottle of red. We also had a couple of cocktails.

Miguel I had a plate of gnocchi and prawns.

Mike and Nickie

The great meat

Nickie We did not agree with immigration. I am quite idealistic about it. When you look at Earth, you see no borders, and this is how I see the world. But he knows more people from different backgrounds than I do, and he says the problem is that there is self-imposed segregation. My point of view is informed by the 60s and 70s, and then it was different. Muslim women were not covered and there was much less emphasis on the difference.

Miguel It’s not like I want immigration to stop, I don’t want to. I work for an NHS crisis team. I pass through all the poorest communities in Manchester. And I see the way communities come together, due to hardships and hardships, but that only makes the situation worse. I feel that without a government that focuses on improving conditions and access to opportunities, by allowing immigration, we are forcing people into a situation where life will be even more difficult.

Nickie We both agreed that it is about poverty. If your back is against the wall, stay together. I could see his point of view, but I still think that you can get people to mix in other ways.

Miguel I see victims of torture, being forced to wait by the Ministry of the Interior. They receive £ 37 or £ 38 a week to live in, in vouchers. What have they come to? They may be physically safe, but this is not psychological security.

Mike and Nickie

Sharing plate

Nickie I mentioned LGBTQ + issues to him and he is very inclusive, as am I.

Miguel I don’t know why I was so surprised. Maybe because I sound a bit traditional. He was wearing a cardigan, a button-down shirt, so maybe he looks like someone who is not in favor of trans rights. But I work with people from the trans community and they are great. I know someone transitioning from male to female and I hear about their struggles. I fully accept her as a woman.

Nickie We ended up also agreeing with the royal family that we had to have a head of state, but we could do without pomp and ceremony.

Miguel In fact, I felt like I was more pro-royalty than she was. William and Harry’s focus on mental health, on renewable energy, are not congested old kings, trapped in the past. To me, they feel really relevant.

Mike and Nickie

For later

Nickie We had a disagreement that surprised me. He thinks that women are really different from men, that they are not that competitive or professionally oriented. I thought: damn, this is ridiculous. Clearly, the women he meets are not the same as I know. I accept that men are physically stronger and women give birth and men do not. Anything else, I don’t see the difference.

Miguel Nickie is an outlier, and I am, to a degree. She was the one who earned the living in her family, she had to fight her corner in sales. I am in the care sector, a typically female profession. We do not represent our genders. She felt that all the differences between men and women are cultural, related to socialization. I think if you get rid of all those messages, we would still be different.

Mike and Nickie

To carry out

Nickie I am hosting an initial talk for my astrology business and asked you to come because I want to hear comments from a skeptic. He accepted.

Miguel He said the star signs you see in the newspaper are cod astrology. His is more mathematical. But she guessed my zodiac sign wrong. She thought it was Capricorn when in fact I’m on the cusp of Cancer and Leo.

Mike and Nickie

Additional reporting: Rachel Obordo

Nickie and Mike ate at The production room, Stockport

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