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Diosdado Cabello defends Alex Saab, who helped Venezuela “circumvent” US sanctions.




Alex Saab He was in charge of circumventing the sanctions that were imposed on Venezuela, this is how the Chavista Diosdado Cabello, one of the strongest men within Chavismo, has shown him in his weekly program. «He was in charge of circumventing all the persecutions of imperialism against the homeland, and was able to bring to Venezuela even gasoline, medicine, food. What did you get paid? Yeah right. Anyone could be paid, “said the Chavista this Wednesday and with the intention of laundering the crimes of the Colombian businessman, considered as Nicolás Maduro’s main front man.

The deputy of the Chavista Parliament acknowledged that Saab has done business with the Venezuelan regime, “in what he knows how to do well, which was the commercial branch. He invested here in Venezuela, ”explained Cabello, while ensuring that the man, who is being tried by the United States, has worked with the Government of Venezuela for approximately 10 years. However, Cabello has made no mention of Saab’s status as a diplomat, a position recently given to him by the Chavista regime and whose “diplomatic immunity” has been used as a lifeline by the defense of the front man.

In his program, which is broadcast on the State channel (VTV), Cabello has emphasized that Saab assumed responsibilities that “few officials” were “willing to fulfill” in the negotiations with the regime, and in the midst of pressure from countries and US sanctions. “When things got tough, which is when you click who’s who, Mr. Alex Saab said present. This has a merit and it must be recognized, “he said.

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The former president of the National Assembly of Venezuela has also called a “patriot” the Colombian who was extradited last weekend to the United States after authorization from the Cape Verde authorities, where he was imprisoned since June 2020 for leading a corruption network international. For Diosdado, Saab showed his face and his companies in favor of the Maduro regime, and “he has behaved better than many who, having been born in Venezuela, are traitors to the homeland.”

What was he winning? Yes, of course, he was doing business, but he stood up for Venezuela and never hesitated to support Venezuela, “Cabello justified

«We are going to move forward, the revolution is going to move forward, and give all the support to a person who risked his skin for Venezuela, whatever they say … What was he winning? Yes, of course, he was doing business, but he stood up for Venezuela and never hesitated to support Venezuela, “insisted the second vice president of the government party, and who has also been sanctioned several times by the United States for alleged links with drug trafficking.

On Monday, Cabello said through her Twitter account that what happened to Saab “was absolutely predictable, they made him a target just for helping Venezuela, Imperialism has never respected international law, they invade countries, assassinate presidents, give coups, kidnap people, just like We Will Win !! »

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