Friday, January 15

DIRECT | Chaos in the US due to the assault on the Capitol of Trump supporters

Shouting “Trump won”, hundreds of followers of the president stormed the US Congress on Wednesday after overwhelming the Police and provoked chaotic scenes in the American capital, so the city government ordered a curfew.

“We will never concede, we will never concede,” President Donald Trump told the thousands of protesters gathered in the morning outside the White House for the “Save America” ​​march.

The concentration rbrought together tens of thousands of people, who began the day in the park near the White House before addressing Congress, gathered to certify the victory of Democrat Joe Biden in the November presidential elections, a triumph that is not accepted by Trump.

Follow the events of the Capitol live:

In his speeches, the outgoing ruler harangued his followers to stop “electoral fraud” and assured that the future of the United States was at stake.

He also urged a march to Congress, where lawmakers were gathered to hold the formal validation ceremony of the result of the November elections, in which Democrat Joe Biden prevailed over Trump.


Trump supporters storm the US Capitol

An hour later, thousands of protesters complied with the president’s suggestion and moved to the Capitol, less than two kilometers from the place of the rally. From there, the chaos began.

Fights inside the Capitol

Pictures show how the followers of the outgoing president face the agents that make up the police security barrier and are repelled with tear gas.

Subsequently, broken glass, broken doors and fights inside Congress between Trump supporters and the police officers in charge of guarding the Legislative Assembly.

The Police then ordered the evacuation of all legislators after being overwhelmed by the protesters.

Some of the protesters managed to access the plenary session of the House of Representatives and one even sat in one of the places designated for official speeches shouting “Trump won.”

At the same time, reports of shooting inside the Capitol became known, which was followed by the order of Mayor Muriel Bowser to decree a curfew in the city.

At noon, and faced with the spiral of chaos, Trump began to call for calm.

“I ask everyone in the Capitol to be peaceful. No violence. Remember, we are the party of Law and Order, please respect our great men and women in uniform,” the president wrote.

However, he blamed his vice president, Mike Pence, who was presiding over the session in Congress, for the chaos generated in Washington for not having granted powers that the Constitution does not grant him to revoke Biden’s electoral victory.

“Mike Pence did not have the courage to do what he should have done to protect our country and our Constitution … America demands the truth!” Trump wrote in a first tweet as his followers brinn in the Capitol.

According to local media, at least one person was wounded by a bullet in the assault of the protesters on the Capitol and television images showed a woman being transported on a stretcher with heavy bleeding.

Some legislators were also heard shouting: “There have been shots”, while the police who guard the plenary session of the House of Representatives had to draw their weapons.

“We will never concede”

The incredible events of this Wednesday come after the president has resisted Biden’s victory in the elections, despite the fact that in November it became clear that he had obtained more votes than the president in the key states to confirm the majority of the 538 electoral votes assigned to the 50 states of the Union.

Since then, the president and a dwindling legal team have lost all legal actions to challenge the electoral result in the most important states, such as Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin.

On December 14, all the states of the country certified to which candidate their Electoral College delegates assigned based on the scrutiny.

That day it became clear that Biden surpassed the 270 delegates needed to be the next president of the United States as of January 20.

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