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Moncloa Palace

As every year, Información TV will continue to monitor the national news, together with the regional and provincial, to see the most outstanding issues from this perspective. And in this line, the live press conferences of the Executive of Pedro Sánchez will have a special importance in our programming. In this way we offer the opportunity to hear both the president and the ministers defend their portfolios and we facilitate the viewer to draw their own conclusions. In addition, from the information services of this house, we will continue to participate in public press appearances in order to seek answers from the main political leaders to the questions that may interest the most at the provincial level.

Congress of Deputies

The debates hosted by the Congress of Deputies will also form part of the TV Information grid, and it is there that vital issues for the economy, education, health … of the Spanish are analyzed and shelled out. Live and giving voice to the different leaders of all political colors, the viewers of our channel will be able to discover how each party defends its position in each of its parliamentary interventions.

Valencian government

How could it be otherwise, the press conferences held by the Valencian government are added to the long list of broadcasts that Información TV offers live to viewers. From the hand of the main leaders of the Generalitat Valenciana they will be able to know the decisions that are made at the regional level, as well as the explanations of these. We are aware of the need to offer information without intermediaries, without opinions that could distort the message, that is why we strongly bet on this type of direct that connects citizens with their representatives directly and without filters.

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Alicante Provincial Council

Within the long list of direct TV Information, we include the plenary sessions of the Diputación de Alicante. With this, we manage to bring the current situation of the 141 municipalities that make up the Province. Thus, all citizens, regardless of the size of their municipality, can know the plans and investments in which the provincial institution works, the motions that are presented, how they are debated and also, know what are the urgent points that are carried out. every session. In this way, with the plenary sessions of the Alicante Provincial Council live, every month we manage to closely follow all the current affairs of the province and offer it first-hand to the population so that they can draw their own conclusions.

Municipal plenary sessions

Year after year, from Información TV we are committed to transferring the political news of the city councils and for this reason, we broadcast the plenary sessions live. Every month, the people of Alicante, from their home, can see the plenary sessions that are held in their consistory. A good way to be aware of what is happening or will happen in the locality. Thanks to these live broadcasts of plenary sessions, citizens are witnesses to motions, institutional statements, urgent matters and, ultimately, the arguments for and against the municipal policy of their territory.

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