Tuesday, August 16

Direct | Public Health studies closing the hotel business at 11:00 p.m. due to medium risk of covid

Darias reports on the epidemiological situation and the COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign.

The Public Health Commission, in which the autonomous communities and the Ministry of Health are represented, decides on the afternoon of this Tuesday whether to recommend the closure of the interior of the hotel business from 11:00 p.m. if a territory is at medium risk of covid-19 -es that is, when the cumulative incidence of 100 cases per 100,000 inhabitants due to coronavirus is exceeded, according to the new covid traffic light-19 and the care pressure in hospitals and ICU is of consideration.

With this update, Spain would be in Medium risk Regarding the accumulated incidence at 14 days, since, according to the data for this Monday provided by the autonomous communities to the Ministry of Health, the incidence has shot up more than 20 points and stands at an average of 132 cases per 100,000 population. In addition, 15,875 new cases and 22 deaths have been recorded. However, our country would not meet the parameters in hospital occupancy, other fundamental variables, which still remain at 2.33 percent in the case of hospital beds and 5.70 percent in hospital beds. FIA.

As specified in the document That the decision to scale or de-escalate in the intensity of response actions will be addressed this afternoon “should be guided by a risk assessment in the context of the Early Warning and Rapid Response System”.

Thus, the Commission considers that this risk assessment should be a continuous process that determines in which scenario the evaluated territory is located and detects early signs that the scenario may be changing. In the same way, it is clarified, the risk assessment will also allow to face de-escalation processes in the intensity of the measures when the evolution of the indicators makes it possible.

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Changes to the covid traffic light

Last week, the Public Health Commission postponed the decision to update the indicators of the so-called ‘covid traffic light’ that elevates the low risk of transmission up to a cumulative incidence of 100 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, compared to the current 50. New parameters, which support communities like Andalusia and reject others like Madrid.

The Alerts Report of the same organism did not give the green light to the document of ‘Coordinated response actions for the control of the transmission of COVID-19‘, the well-known’ covid semaphore ‘, a text in which, according to Health, they continued working together with the autonomous communities in full rise in the number of cases. Since then, the number of infections has not stopped growing and there are several communities that require a covid passport to access certain events or spaces.

Close the nightlife

The document that will be debated this Tuesday also includes the proposal to close the nightlife at 01.00 hours and that on the dance floors, people always go with face mask. In hospitality establishments, such as restaurants, bars or cafeterias, the maximum occupancy of tables should also be restricted to 10 people or 50 percent of the capacity in indoor areas.

If high risk -that is, an incidence above 300 and the healthcare pressure even higher- it will be assessed that the interiors of the hospitality industry would not be closed, but could open at 25% capacity, with six people per table but closing at 11:00 pm. At extreme risk, with an incidence above 500, the interior of the hotel business would be closed.

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On the other hand, the Commission will treat vaccination with a third dose for those over 60 and health and social health personnel, as announced by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez.


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