Friday, January 28

Disappeared in the fifth wave



The Government has only reluctantly recognized that Spain acceded more than a month ago to a fifth wave of the pandemic, and this is so because a long time ago, since the second state of alarm ended, that Pedro Sánchez decided that his ministers , or himself, would only talk about the coronavirus to give good news. Thus, he announced with great fanfare the end of the mandatory nature of masks in open spaces without even having consulted with the health community if that decision was premature, and without foreseeing that infections would multiply dangerously with the Delta strain. The Government decided long ago that the pandemic had ended for many purposes, and basically recognized that some bold measures such as those adopted in the Community of Madrid by Isabel Díaz Ayuso not only benefited the economic reactivation, but also gave votes. In addition, the blow of the TC declaring illegal the application of the first state of alarm has not sat well with the Government, which has already shaken off any responsibility for what happens to the Spanish in the remainder of the pandemic.

The data is objective. Sánchez only talks about the transmission of the virus if it is to breastfeed about a vaccination process that continues to suffer important deficiencies. There are communities of both political signs that have conveyed their concern about the slowdown in the reception of vaccines barely a month before the school year begins. And it is not even known for sure how the immunization of our schoolchildren will proceed. Furthermore, some experts already estimate group immunization at 80 or 85 percent of the population, and not at 70. The chaos with the distribution of second vaccines to young people in their twenties is also notorious, and even more so in full summer season of travel, travel and leisure. Some autonomies undertake to vaccinate young people from other communities, and others do not, and nobody knows what to expect in that sense because the pompous ‘National Vaccination Strategy’ is not such, but Moncloa’s alibi for a ‘co-governance’ failed.

More objective data: some autonomies believe they have powers to declare curfews or perimeter closures by zones, and others do not. And to complete the map of uncertainty, there are Superior Courts of Justice that contradict each other, waiting for the Supreme Court to be able to create jurisprudence on the real scope of the reduction of freedoms in these circumstances. Nor has the Government agreed to approve a specific law on pandemics, and the opposition has been demanding it for months. The reproaches to the Executive in this regard, implicit in numerous orders and judgments, are serious, and even the recommendations of the Council of State have fallen on deaf ears. In return, the Government’s response to the debate on whether it was a mistake to soften the use of masks, on the grievances between some citizens and others, or on the real scope of the curfews or the Covid passport, is to attack the magistrates that dictate unfavorable sentences for Sánchez. Not everything is better in the international arena. Neither Foreign Affairs, nor Health nor Tourism know how to channel the suggestions of countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, France or the United States so that their citizens do not travel to Spain. The damage to our credibility and our economy is great, and we only have one cabinet that has disappeared. Of course, it is the best Government of smiles in Europe.

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