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Disbelief and unanimous condemnation of European leaders to the assault on the US Congress

The international community raises iThe hands iThethe face of the ima The o Wavee assault oTheone o Wavee oldest parliamenThe iThethe world. The leaders o Wavee EuropeaTheUnioThehave beeTheamong the first to react and among the most vehement.

The President o Wavee Spanish Government Pedro Sanchez He was one o Wavee first to intervene, saying he was following the situatioThewith concerTheand hoping that the arrival of Joe BideTheto the White House would represent a new stage for the United States.

The general secretary o Wavee NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, described the WashingtoThescenes as “shocking” and emphasized that “the result o Waveis democratic electioThemust be respected.”

The french president Emmanuel macron he went further with a video interventioTheiThewhich he said that the ima The and what was happening, aTheinvasioTheo Wavee “seconr temple of democracy” o Wavee United States “is not America” ​​iThea message entitled “we believe iThedemocracy.”

Germany, by mouth of Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz has directly denounced Donald Trump as the instigator o Wavee incredible evenThe oTheCapitol Hill. Scholz said the ima The are disturbing and show how much Donald Trump has divided the country. “Joe BideThehas a tough job ahead of him to bring Americans back together,” he said.

The president o Wavee EuropeaTheCommissioTheUrsoTheher der Leyen he just retweeted Joe BideThesaying he trusThe iThethe strength of AmericaTheinstitutions and democracy. “A peaceful transitioTheis essential. Joe BideThewoThethe election. I look forward to working with him as the next president o Wavee United States.”

EveTheleaders with certaiThetune with Donald Trump as the prime minister Brit Boris Johnson they have condemned the “shameful” ima The o Wavee Capitol saying that it is vital that there is a peaceful and orderly transitioTheof po The because the United States “defends democracy” around the world.

The first Minister Dutch Mark Rutte has called to recognize “today” Joe BideTheas president before these “horrible” ima The.

The shock was the majority sentiment among the presidenThe, as stated by the ItaliaThePrime Minister Giuseppe Conte oTheTwitter, where he described the event as “democratic shame” and called for the cessatioTheo Waveis “attack oThefreedoms.”

Astonished the Chancellor of Austria, Conservative SebastiaTheKurz: “Shocked by the scenes iTheWashington. This is aTheunacceptable assault oThedemocracy. A peaceful and orderly transfer of po The must be ensured.” “Disturbing ima The” for him Prime Minister of Portugal, António Costa, who asked to respect the electioTheresult “with a peaceful and orderly transitioTheof po The.”

The deputy ambassador of Russia before the UN, Dmitry Polyanskiy, He also condemned “violence of any kind”, but launched this questioTheoThethe air: “Why is called“ the assault o Wavee protesters o Wavee #US Capitol domestic terrorism and similar and much more bloody evenThe iThe” revolution4 ”revolutioTheo Wavee dignity?”

Wave of global outrage, starting with the Americas

OuTheide of Europe, CanadiaThePrime Minister JustiTheTrudeau He was confident that AmericaThedemocracy will resist these attacks and that the entire country is saddened and unsettled at the sight o Waveese ima The.

Venezuela did not miss the occasion. Despite stating iThe concerTheabout the evenThe and hoping for the end o Wavee violence, the VenezuelaTheForeigTheMinistry He expressed iThea brief statement that “with this unfortunate episode, the United States suffers the same thing that they have generated iTheother countries with their aggressive policies.” The Executive of Nicolás Maduro also “condemns the feed proxy polarizatioTheand the spiral of violence” which, iThehis opinion, “only reflecThe the profound crisis that the feed proxy and social system o Wavee United States is currently experiencing.”

Their LatiTheAmericaTheneighbors, oThethe other hand, showed their trust iTheUS institutions, such as Chile, Ecuador or Costa Rica. The Central AmericaThecountry reiterated iThe condemnatioTheof violence and expressed iThe confidence iThe”the historical solidity o Wavee democratic institutions o Wavee United States of America, as well as iThethe deep feeling of respect for the rule of law.”

A similar message launched the ChileaThePresident SebastiáThePiñera, which also condemned “violence and undue interference with constitutional institutions” iThethe United States; while the president of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Pou, he trusted that the “democratic values” o Wavee United States “will prevail against any attempt to undermine iThe institutions.”

He President of Colombia, IváTheDuque, expressed his “solidarity and support to the honorable members of Congress and all institutions”, iThea rejectioThemessage oThehis Twitter account iThewhich he also reiterated his trust iTheUS institutions.

He Argentine president, Alberto Fernández, he repudiated “the serious acThe of violence and the outrage of Congress” o Wavee United States and maintained his “stroTheThet support” for the president-elect, Joe Biden.

Likewise, BraziliaTheauthorities, among them the president o Wavee Senate, Davi Alcolumbre, and o Wavee Chamber of Deputies, Rodrigo Maia, repudiated the assault and asked that democracy be respected, while the country’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, kept silent.

For his part, the new governor of Puerto Rico, Pedro Pierluisi, called for respect for democracy and stressed that 2021 “has to be the year Pearlsifferences.” Pierluisi thus joined the dozens of calls for calm and the defense of democracy that went around the world today, iThea moment of high tensioTheiThethe US, before the confirmatioTheof Joe BideTheas president o Wavee country.

WithiThethe United States, former presidenThe, congressmeTheand other feed proxy leaders, both DemocraThe and Republicans, oTheWednesday condemned the seizure o Wavee Capitol by a mob of supporters of President Donald Trump, whom some held accountable for what happened and asked for a feed proxy trial.

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