Friday, October 7

Discarded the suspected case of monkeypox in a patient from Extremadura


The Carlos III Health Institute reports that there are 51 positive cases of orthopoxvirus throughout the country

The clinical samples sent to the National Center for Microbiology in the only suspected case of monkeypox that was being investigated in a patient from Extremadura have been negative. The Ministry of Health and Social Services informs that infection by Monkeypox or monkeypox is therefore ruled out in this case.

The Carlos III Health Institute reports that there are 51 positive cases of orthopoxvirus throughout the country. After sequencing the samples, on Tuesday afternoon they confirmed 20 of the positives as monkeypox, pending the results of the other 31 possible infections.

The Government rules out vaccinating

So far they have analyzed 88 samples, of which 35 cases have tested negative “for smallpox and other orthopoxviruses, therefore they are discarded and two must be repeated,” says the Ministry of Health in a statement.

Minister Carolina Darias interprets these data as a trend towards the disappearance of the monkeypox outbreak. “We are seeing that more and more negative cases are beginning to emerge and we hope that this is the trend,” she said in the Senate. Given this evidence, the Government rules out, for the time being, vaccinating the population against smallpox. Since 1980, vaccination has stopped in Spain, and those under 40 years of age have no protection against this disease, which was thought to have been eradicated. “We are not in that phase,” said the government spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, who insisted that the “alert mechanisms” have been activated “with absolute speed”, as well as the information on the situation has been updated day by day. Both the Ministry of Health and the Carlos III Health Institute, defended the minister at the press conference of the Council of Ministers, “have been giving an account of what the monkeypox situation is” and continue “working on the different cases suspects.” The strain identified in this outbreak has a mortality rate of around 1%, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), but there are no deaths from this cause in the countries where there are recent cases.

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Monkeypox is a rare viral disease endemic in some African countries. Yet within days, dozens of monkeypox cases have been confirmed in at least 12 non-African countries. The first appeared in the UK and was reported on May 7. The patient had recently traveled to Nigeria, where he is believed to have contracted the virus before traveling to the UK. The detection of the virus in a multitude of patients and in separate populations around the world in a few days has caused a logical scientific, health, administrative and social alert. The cases reported to date have no established travel links to endemic areas, but it is possible that some recent mass event has acted as an amplifying focus.

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