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Disco ‘Spice 25’: Spice Girls: el regreso | Cultura

It’s been 25 years since the Spice Girls released the catchy chorus If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends about the topic Wannabe, with which they conquered the world music market. It was 1996 and the British five Scary, Sporty, Baby, Ginger and Posh, the nicknames they were known by Geri Halliwell, Melanie Chisholm (Mel C), Victoria Beckham, Melanie Brown (Mel B) and Emma Bunton, released their first album that placed more than 20 million copies and became the third best-selling album of that decade. A bombshell. To celebrate this anniversary, the girlband most famous in history has released a commemorative album this Friday: Spice 25, two albums that include unreleased songs and a renewed version of his greatest hits. In August 2022, fans old and new will be able to see them live in the UK and Australia.

The unreleased song Feed Your Love, Written by Matt Rowe and Richard Stannard, it is a quiet theme about love. Among the demo versions, the previous demos of some of their best-known songs, are Last Time Lover, If U Can’t Dance and Who Do You Think You Are. There’s also remixes from Love Thing, Say You’ll Be There y Mama. In addition, there is a curious orchestrated version of 2 Become 1. The album closes with a funny audio of the Spice saying goodbye and thanking the listeners. Spice 25, in a limited collector’s edition format on CD, vinyl and cassette, is now available on Spotify. On the occasion of this birthday, we review the great moments of the band.

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The 10 most iconic Spice Girls moments

1. “Are you from 18 to 23 years old and can you dance / sing? Are you savvy, outgoing, ambitious and dedicated? ”. This was the claim of the poster of the audition organized by Chris and Bob Herbert in 1993 in search of the future members of the band. In the photo, Victoria Beckham, Melanie Brown and Geri Halliwell appear singing at the auditions. Melanie Chisholm and Emma Bunton arrived later to replace Michelle Stevenson and Lianne Morgan.

Frames from the audition video

2. The first single Wannabe, which the record company disliked, was released in 1996 and peaked at # 1 in 37 countries. The members admit that the hit was written in less than 20 minutes, and their music video was shot in a single take. The girls were in Geri Halliwell’s backyard when they heard on the radio that they had hit number 3 on the UK charts and had their picture taken to celebrate.

Instagram de Spice Girls

3. The band’s first live show was at a stadium in Istanbul in 1997. Before entering the stage, Geri turned around, looked at Victoria and said, “I’m scared.” His partner replied: “Don’t worry, they are only here to see your great hair and big boobs.” In the photo, the last rehearsal on October 12, 1997, before the band’s first concert at the Abdi Ipecki Arena.


4. The second album, Spicewold, was presented for the first time in Granada, Spain. The city was “a representation of the mixture of cultures” that the new album had, they declared at the time. The members arrived in the city on October 6, 1997, presented the album and from the City Hall building greeted the nearly 5,000 people who were in the Plaza del Carmen, where the following photo was taken.

Oscar gallardo

5. It’s 1997 and the band arrives in South Africa, where they meet Nelson Mandela and Prince Charles. On that trip, Mel B stole toilet paper and some rocks from Mandela’s bathroom pot to later give to the hair and makeup team, who had asked to bring them something. Scary Spice recounts: “I told Nelson what I had done and he laughed.” Pictured are Prince Charles, Nelson Mandela and the Spice Girls in Johannesburg.

Chip HIRES (Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

6. At the end of 1997, during an act of the foundation The Price’s Trust in the United Kingdom, those known in Spain as spicy girls meet Prince Charles again and, to his surprise, Geri pinches his ass. When Ginger left the band a year later, the prince wrote her a letter regretting his decision: “The group will not be the same without you. What will I do without your wonderful greetings?

Tim Graham (Corbis via Getty Images)

7. The Spice Girls won an award for their overseas success at the 1998 Brit Awads. Halliwell, wearing a black dress, felt it was boring and sewed the Union Jack flag for her. The dress was so successful that it was later auctioned for just over 69,000 euros.

Scan Room (Getty Images)

8. Halliwell decides to leave the band in the middle of the tour of Spiceworld in 1998, the name with which they baptized their second album. The last concert in which he participated was on May 26 in Helsinki (Finland). In subsequent performances in Norway, he no longer appeared. In the photo, the other four members pose in Oslo on May 29, 1998.

Dave Hogan (Dave Hogan)

9. In 2020, the band receives the Outstanding Achievement Award in Music at the Brit Awards. Despite being at the event, Halliwell did not join her former teammates on stage. That same year, the group launched Forever, but the third album receives a lukewarm response from the public and they decide to leave the project to concentrate on their solo careers. In the photo, the Spice Girls celebrate their final performance at the Brit Awards in London on October 23, 2000.

Fiona Hanson – PA Images (GETTY)

10. Adele has always declared herself a fan of the Spice Girls and cried upon meeting Mel C when the two singers met at a Coldplay concert. Other artists such as Katy Perry or Emma Stone have also declared themselves followers of the group. The photo shows a little Adele posing in front of posters of the group.

Instagram de Spice Girls


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