Monday, January 24

Discomfort among the staff of small health centers due to the delay in receiving the vaccine

A situation that the staff of the Aesthetic Dermatology Center of Alicante, the Instituto Bernabeu or the Asisa clinics, among others, where no one has yet been vaccinated.

The head of Human Resources of the Dermatological Center, Elena Asín, corroborates the discomfort that the wait is causing in the workforce, especially when on Wednesday of last week they asked him for the list of personnel to be vaccinated, on Thursday they confirmed the thirty doses they need and on Tuesday of this week he found that they claimed him to fill in another letter with more information about the workers and they told him that auxiliaries had been excluded, when until that moment they were counted on.

To the mail that I immediately sent to the Ministry of Health explaining why the auxiliary staff of its center should be vaccinated, where patients are also referred from the public for the treatment of vascular pathologies such as angiomas, has not yet had an answer. Asín maintains that since it is a center dedicated to dermatological pathologies, the staff has to apply the treatments to patients who have to remove their mask and for periods exceeding 15 minutes in many cases, so the risk they run is evident.

“Aberration and barbarity”

The president of the Alicante College of Physicians, Isabel moya, not only share this concern but The exclusion of auxiliary personnel seems “aberrant” and “outrageous” . “It is a comparative offense with the Public Health, where it has been vaccinated without distinctions between front-line personnel and the rest.”

But little more than what the College has done, such as resorting to the courts to guarantee the vaccination of private personnel on equal terms with the public, can do to solve the problem of a group, that of health professionals for someone else’s account, whose vaccination Health put in the hands of mutuals.

A separate issue is the freelance professions, of which around 230 have been summoned next week to the General Hospital of Alicante to be administered the vaccine with the “nonsense”, explains Moya, “that there are doctors over 80 who continue to practice in their consultation private and who have been vaccinated earlier for their age group than for their condition as a physician.

Although it is difficult to give an exact figure because of the small private clinics it would be necessary to exclude those professionals who have already been immunized because they also work in other centers where the vaccine has already been administered, those affected by the delay could be around 120 doctors. that the rest of the staff would have to be added.

However, it is not the only dysfunction that the president of the medical group sees in the vaccination system. “We find that one group has not been fully immunized when they start another, which gives the impression that everyone is being vaccinated but the groups are not completed. Now, for example, without ending the Security Forces and Bodies, we are going to start with the teachers, ”Moya complains.

Specialties Left Out: Gynecologists

The auxiliary personnel of small private health centers have not been the only ones excluded from the administration of the covid vaccine that the Ministry of Health has put, in this case, in the hands of mutuals. Distinctions have also been made between specialties, from which they have drawn, among others, gynecologists. A decision that, in the case of Instituto Bernabeu, makes all the staff of its centers not know when you are going to be immunized.

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