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Discounts on Jaguar and Land Rover in Mundicar Alicante

Mundicar launches one of the star offers of the year, and that is until March 31st you can enjoy incredible prices at limited units of new vehicles from Jaguar and Land Rover, with a maximum discount on any of the models of up to 30,626 euros and with financing conditions of 4.99% through the Privilege Plan of FCA Cápital. We present the nine models to which this offer will apply.

Jaguar E-Pace: 2 units

In the Jaguar E-Pace you will find improved fuel consumption that contributes to Reduce costs. This high-performance SUV combines a prestigious design, the performance of a Jaguar and intuitive technologies so that each trip is unique. Now also available as plug-in hybrid.

Combines prestigious design, Jaguar performance and intuitive technologies

It turns out a unique balance between agility and comfort in driving with a variety of new improved engines with new hybrid technologies. The shock absorbers adjust the suspension to provide the optimal balance between comfort, softness and agility.

The sistema Adaptive Dynamics optional offers precise dynamics and agile driving analyzing the positions of the wheels and the movement of the body.

Price PVP: 51.850,28 €

Offer price: 39.900€

Savings of € 11,950.28

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Jaguar F-Pace: 15 units

We have taken care of every detail of the interior to offer you the maximum comfort in the cabin. In the new interior of the Jaguar F-Pace and Jaguar F-Pace R-Sport you will find materiales premium.

Jaguar All-Wheel Drive with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics is a predictive all-wheel drive system

Choose between fully dynamic performance and maximum savings made out of fuel. JaguarDrive Control shifts gears faster in Dynamic mode and anticipates upshifts in Eco mode. Rain-Ice-Snow mode improves circulation on surfaces with poor adhesion.

The all-wheel drive Jaguar with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics is an all-wheel drive system predictive four wheel. While other systems only activate when the vehicle has lost traction, our system shifts torque to the front wheels preemptively to maintain control and stability before grip is lost.

Price PVP: 70.482,82 €

Offer price: 54.951,75 €

Saving € 15,531.07

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Jaguar F-Type Coupé: 9 units

All the power and agility of a true thoroughbred. And the most modern driving systems to offer a unforgetable experience. The Jaguar F-TYPE range of gasoline engines will amaze you. All versions incorporate innovative technologies that reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions without sacrificing maximum performance.

With Touch Pro, the infotainment system of the F-TYPE, you will be perfectly connected with the rest of the world

The new headlights of the F-TYPE, angled back and slightly longer, blend into the aerodynamic lines vehicle. Animated dynamic turn signals glow along with the distinctive ‘J Blade’ design to offer a greater presence on the road.

With Touch Pro, the infotainment system of the F-TYPE, you’ll be perfectly connected with the rest of the world. On the standard 10 “(259 mm) touchscreen, you can pinch and zoom for an incredible audiovisual experience.

Price PVP: 83.526,91 €

Offer price: 52.900 €

Savings of € 30,626.91

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Jaguar I-Pace: 7 units

The first electric vehicle The brand has a 90 kWh battery, which consists of high energy density lithium ion cells. Thanks to its design and its modern thermal management systems, a Long useful life and offers long periods of constant peak power.

The Jaguar I-Pace seamlessly integrates technology and habitability

Its electric motors and its almost perfect weight distribution They offer 696 Nm of instant torque and the agility of a sports car.

With a sleek, streamlined designIn addition to a low drag coefficient of 0.29Cd, the I-Pace has been created to provide efficiency by cleanly cutting the air for maximum autonomy and stability. The I-Pace is passionate from every angle thanks to its flowing beltline, spectacular hood scoop and unmistakable rear line.

The Jaguar I-Pace perfectly integrates technology and habitability. The interior design is clean and uncluttered with touchable details and broad lines. The nature of the electric drive offers additional space, which provides greater freedom and maximizes the comfort of the interior of the I-Pace.

Price PVP: 95.396,07 €

Offer price: 81.900,00 €

Savings of € 13,496.07

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Jaguar XF: 3 units

This saloon shows an impressive combination of presence and performance. The Jaguar XF has a new diesel engine range with mild hybridization technology.

Features a new range of diesel engines with mild hybridization technology

With mild hybrid vehicle technology and clean, powerful engines, the XF offers the precision that characterizes the Jaguar brand and the perfect balance between driving and comfort.

It includes new diesel engines with mild hybridization technology to make your trips more efficient.

Price PVP: 68.707,54 €

Offer price: 54.900 €

Save € 13,807.54

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Land Rover Discovery Sport: 5 units

Discovery Sport is distinguished by its sharp contours, balanced proportions and key design features. Enjoy a safe traction on and off road. When driving by slippery surfacesLike grass or snow, torque can be distributed between the front and rear wheels to maximize traction.

Discovery Sport is distinguished by its sharp contours and balanced proportions

With all the technology on board, the Land Rover Discovery Sport is up to date thanks to the Software updates. The system information maintenance vehicle, telematics system and various control modules can be remotely upgraded to ensure a optimal performance and constant improvement.

The device of optional wireless charging with phone signal booster allows you to charge compatible smartphones without the need for cables or a charging base. As long as you’re in the car, the phone will use the vehicle’s antenna to boost the signal and receive clearer calls.

Price PVP: 59.171,7 €

Offer price: 46.459,63 €

Save € 12,712.70

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Range Rover Evoque: 5 units

With its distinctive silhouette reminiscent of a coupe, the Range Rover Evoque is the worthy successor to the vehicle that stole the hearts of the world. The Range Rover Evoque is minimalist and sophisticated. The Range Rover Evoque cross borders with a more daring design and sporty, which increases the undisputed appeal of the vehicle.

The Range Rover Evoque crosses borders with a more daring and sporty design

In the design of the Range Rover Evoque Autobiography, the precision, clean surfaces and the absence of superfluous lines. Discreet retractable handles, optional 21 “wheels, and Matrix LED headlights with dynamic front and rear indicators give it an unmistakable presence.

Price PVP: 56.857,68 €

Offer price: 44.900,00 €

Savings of € 11,957.68

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Range Rover Sport: 11 units

With some design features sportier and more athletic appearance and imposing, the Range Rover Sport is designed to make an impact.

Sporty design and athletic appearance

Thanks to your cleaner and more dynamic look, you will perceive a feeling of modernity No matter where you look at it, whether it’s the grille, the redesigned hood vents, or the sporty options for the Range Rover Sport wheels.

The range of powerful powertrains offers amazing road performance.

Price PVP: 103.973,28 €

Offer price: 86.900,01 €

Savings of € 17,073.28

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Range Rover Velar: 5 units

The Range Rover Velar presents a harmonious balance thanks to its studied proportions. Its Range Rover character is instantly recognizable, from the powerful volume of the front to culminating in a powerful and elegant tapered rear.

Range Rover Velar is at the forefront of minimalist design

The Range Rover Velar R-Dynamic has a determined character thanks to the distinctive bumpers in a Burnished Copper finish, and a modern and sophisticated look thanks to the gills located on the hood and on the sides. The hood logo, the lettering on the tailgate and the grille feature a finished Shadow Atlas.

Range Rover Velar is at the forefront of design minimalist. Clean, elegant and genuine, the vehicle has a imposing and current presence. Refined power and natural elegance are the hallmarks of this vehicle, which stands out for its contemporary design.

Price PVP: 91.578,95 €

Offer price: 79.900 €

Save € 11,678.95

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* All images and descriptions of the models are true except for typographical errors.

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Location Mundicar

Calle del Mar, corner N-332 (03550) Sant Joan d’Alacant

Schedule current sale to the public: Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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