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Discover 42 Madrid, an experience that will change your life and your professional future :: Prensa Ibérica for Telefónica

The first thing I saw upon entering was a large sign that said “up to you”, and that perfectly defines the philosophy of 42: It depends on you. Try, research, ask! And believe me, once you walk through the door, you notice a different atmosphere, something very special that you know is going to hook you. From there, nothing disappoints.

Before living my own experience 42, I had been told that this learning method broke with the schemes and paradigms of conventional training, because it is based on working through projects, and uses training tools such as gamification and “peer to peer” or peer learning, that is, that students learn from each other.

In addition, it follows a philosophy centered on “learning to learn”. Do you know what is it about? Well, it consists of each student developing flexibility and the ability to adapt to the current digital world, new programming languages, and never stop learning. Is what is called “lifelong learning” and that will lead us, you and me, to update our knowledge throughout our professional career.

An experience 42

I have seen that 42 It is a different experience for each student and represents a different opportunity: retrain, look for a better job, train in programming to start a startup, improve your career or simply unleash your digital talent (this is not my case). Therefore, each day is also different. The campus is open 24 hours a day, and every so the schedule can be adapted to your circumstances, because the campus is made by the students.

In addition to programming, you can enjoy many other experiences: from photography courses to disconnecting by playing the guitar, playing video games or simply resting in the areas set up for it. Keep in mind that the profile of the students is very varied, from artists, musicians, doctors, to professional programmers, and people who combine the campus with their work or university: more than 50% of the students had no idea of scheduling before arriving at 42, as is my case, and that allows us all to learn from each other, about all kinds of skills and knowledge.

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Teamwork is very important on this campus. I have been able to meet some students like Laura Gómez and Kevin Ríos, or the applicants Isabel Mayoral and María Morales and their experience.

And if you also want to immerse yourself in the code and learn programming notions, now you have the opportunity: the Open Days de 42 Madrid. The campus hosts several programming workshops for non-programmers! 42 Madrid opens its doors for you to know the methodology and experience the magic of peer learning. Choose a date and sign up. And if you can’t get closer, try it remotely. Don’t miss the opportunity and sign up for free!

Discovering my digital profile

Although the training lasts an average of three years, the training program I can choose each depending on my interests: video games, mobile applications, Big Data, IoT, cybersecurity or the Machine Learning, or combine several branches.

But on campus I have been able to see that learning from classmates, and having to carry out a project that is alive, creates a very strong community among students. Everyone tells me that it is a very intense experience, and it is. Laura, student from 42, he told me that the campus “is not just a place where you come to study, it is your second home, here you spend hours and you get to know what will be your second family, who will be there for you not only on campus but it’s going to be out and about in all aspects of your life at the end ”.

From her “piscinera” stage, the decisive test to enter the campus which consists of programming for 26 days, Isabel tells me the same thing, that the best has been the people, “I have met wonderful people, I am super happy, and collaborating, make pineapple, be all together “.

Because another of the characteristics of this learning method is the promotion of “soft skills”, teamwork, creativity, effort, self-improvement, as well as curiosity and the need to seek answers.

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Cross the pool

In my search for answers, I wanted to know what the Pool was. Because once you sign up for 42 Madrid, and you get your place in this Pool, you become an applicant and you begin a period of adaptation to this very special methodology. The pool is the decisive test to become part of the campus of 42. You are 26 days in a row learning to program and if you pass it, you become a definitive student of 42, with an average 3-year road ahead full of challenges and hopes that will make your professional life much more accessible.

At this moment you discover if this experience is for you or not: this type of learning is not for everyone since there are people who need to be guided, and others prefer to work alone. For María Morales, aspiring to 42He told me that the hardest part of this stage were the first days, because he didn’t know where he was, or how to do things, “we were a bit lost. The good thing is that I had wonderful teammates and, in the end, we all managed to get everything out ”he told me. That is to say, whatever you are, the pool period is unforgettable and changes your life. Here the important thing is to “jump into the pool”, that is, to dare.

Women 42

And what is the presence of women on a programming campus like this? Although it is still low, it is above the average for technical careers, with a participation of 18% compared to approximately 12% in regulated training.

However, women have a very active role, so much so that, on their own initiative, an association has been created to give visibility to women in the STEM sector, and the academy organizes Women’s Week and other activities where it takes place. voice to female referents in the sector, and they are leaders in their area.

From the campus they seek the enrollment and participation of women in the academy and promote technological vocations in order to break the digital gender gap, and they have confirmed to me that they reserve a 30% quota of places for the different pools that are held during the year.

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But what is 42?

Campus 42 was born in Paris in 2013 with the idea of ​​responding to the shortage of certain digital profiles and professional technicians. Already in 2019 he arrived in Spain from the hand of Telefónica Foundation with the commitment to develop technological talent and bet on disruptive and quality digital training accessible to all, so that no one is left behind in the digital transformation process.

In addition to the first campus of Madrid, Telefónica Foundation He has launched 42 Urduliz (Bizkaia) together with the Provincial Council of Bizkaia a few months ago and, shortly, will do so in Barcelona, with the City Council and the Generalitat of Catalonia, and Málaga with the City Council, which are added to the 36 that are open and scheduled around the world: Amsterdam, Tokyo, Bangkok, Adelaide, Sao Paulo, Quebec …

Campus is an opportunity to do things. As Kevin Río, a student on campus, told me, “what if instead of being a user of social networks, you are the one who creates and designs them? I believe that you can change your life, you can change your future, you can change even a generation ”.

42 It is a revolution that does not stop growing to respond to the needs of the labor market and prepare society for the new digital professions and that already has 14,000 students around the world. It is a life changing experience and it is a job opportunity, and almost the meaning of life. Something to live.

I do not know if my thing is finally programming, but I am sure that throwing yourself into this pool will change your life, and the future as well. You dare?

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