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Discover the immense medicinal power of warm lemon water

It is nothing new to talk about the benefits of warm lemon water: It is one of the most popular morning remedies of all time. It is known that this simple and simple natural drink is a good ally to improve digestion, eliminate toxins from the body, benefit weight loss, balance the body’s pH and strengthen the immune system. The truth is that there is little research in this regard, however this does not mean that its benefits are canceled. Rather, lemons and water alone have immense health properties and this is why the end result is a powerful combination. Based on this, we set about researching the real benefits of drinking warm lemon water every morning.

1. Benefits weight loss

At this point we all know that there are no miracle foods or drinks, which by the simple fact of consuming them make us lose weight. However, studies show that drinking water is one of the most important habits in weight loss. So that Drinking water can help with weight management by supporting hydration, increasing energy, and helping regulate metabolism and digestion. Adding lemon is a good way to add a fresh citrus flavor; in addition to providing vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that benefit health. There are several interesting references: in a study of overweight women who were dieting, Drinking more than 1 liter of water per day was associated with weight loss compared to drinking less than 1 liter per day. In the same study, substituting sugary drinks for lemon water resulted in weight loss, a decrease in waist circumference, and a lower percentage of body fat. Other studies have also found that replacing caloric drinks with natural or infused waters can lead to weight loss, but this is due to reducing calories in the diet more than anything inherent in water. In addition, water is satiating and calorie-free, so drinking a glass before meals can reduce the amount of food we consume. Also drink a glass of warm water with lemon in the morning promotes hydration, better digestion and helps speed up metabolism.

2. It is a good ally for the skin

The first thing we have to say is that separately, both lemons and water can improve various aspects related to the health of the skin. It is not necessary to consume them together, but uniting their powers will always be a wonderful decision. Lemons, like other citrus fruits They are rich in vitamin C, which is essential for the production of collagen. Collagen is responsible for the elasticity and strength of the skin. In addition, vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals present on the skin that accumulate from air pollution and ultraviolet radiation. For added context: a whole lemon provides 50% of the recommended daily value of vitamin C, but a slice offers only about 6%. It is important to understand that the skin is an organ and like all organs of the human body require water to function properly. The skin can lose elasticity if it doesn’t get enough water. Therefore, starting the day with a glass of warm water with lemon juice is a good way to promote the natural hydration of the skin.

3. Promotes hydration

According to information from the Food and Nutrition Board, General guidelines state that women should consume at least 91 ounces per day and men should consume at least 125 ounces. This includes water from food and drink. It is a fact that water is the best drink to hydrate, but some people do not like its taste on its own and that is why adding lemon is also a great ally. Since it helps people drink water more easily.

4. It is a good source of vitamin C

Citrus fruits like lemons are high in vitamin C, a primary antioxidant that helps protect cells from harmful free radicals. When these harmful substances accumulate in the body, the risk of suffering from various chronic diseases increases. The good news is that there are scientific studies in which it has been proven that Vitamin C can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke and lower blood pressure. While lemons don’t top the list of citrus fruits with the highest vitamin C content, they are still a good source. According to information confirmed by the United States Department of Agriculture, the juice of one lemon provides approximately 18.6 milligrams of vitamin C. The recommended daily allowance for adults is 65 to 90 milligrams. Good advice? Add the juice of two fresh lemons to the glass of warm morning water.

5. Helps digestion

It is known that many people who are used to drinking warm lemon water in the morning, do so as a natural remedy to help prevent constipation. In fact, that is why it is recommended that the water be warm since it helps to move the intestinal transit and promotes the evacuation of lodged waste. And of course, it makes the entire digestive system move from the morning. Ayurvedic medicine says that the sour lemon flavor helps to stimulate your “agni.” In Ayurvedic medicine, a strong agni activates the digestive system, allowing it to digest food more easily and helps prevent the accumulation of toxins.

6. Freshens breath

Lemon is a extraordinary ally to eliminate odors, is used on wooden boards and also on hands. In addition to being associated with extraordinary antimicrobial properties. The same folk remedy can be applied to bad breath caused by eating foods with strong odors, such as garlic, onion, or fish. On many occasions, bad breath can be related to digestion, so drinking a glass of warm water with lemon first thing in the morning and after meals is a great ally. Lemon is believed to stimulate saliva, and the water also helps prevent dry mouth, which can lead to bad breath caused by bacteria.

7. It is a good ally to prevent kidney stones

Citric Acid in Lemons May Help Prevent Kidney Stones. Citrate, a component of citric acid, paradoxically makes urine less acidic and can even break down small stones. Therefore: drinking lemon water not only provides you with citrate, but also the water your body needs to help prevent or eliminate stones. In addition, in general, lemon water is a good natural supplement to improve liver and kidney health.

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