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Discover the original house of “My poor little Angel” that was turned into LEGO

Macaulay Culkin managed to be nominated for an Oscar for his participation in this film

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30 years ago John and Cynthia Abendshien’s home in Winnetka, Illinois, was chosen for the production of “Home Alone” (“My poor little Angel”) to be home to the fictional McCallister family.

This film became a success after its premiere in November 1990, this house being the main part of the plot starring Macualay Culkin, at that time he was an eight year old boy who had to defend his home from thieves on Christmas night.

Home has been visited by multiple fans in the last three decades. The assistants have made some tours of the place, showing a little more than those focused on the film.

The owners of the house when the film was shot were John y Cynthia evening show, Who were present during the filming. In 2011 it was put up for sale and finally sold in 2012, until that year the construction had not undergone any transformation.

The movie director, Chris Columbus, He said that at the time the house was perfect for them to record because of its facade and the large living room and hall.

During that 2011 sale, several videos of the interior came to light.

What is known about the house of “My poor little Angel” LEGO version

This year they have been announced two news about this Christmas classic, the first is that a remake will be made and the second that LEGO released a set to build the house while watching the series of films available on Disney+

The new Kit, which will be available from November 1, 2021, it is made up of 3,955 pieces. Among the elements that are part of the set is Kevin McCallister (Macualay Culkin) and the two thieves Harry and Marv.

The idea of ​​designing this house in small pieces was Alex Storozhuk, claiming that “This movie is very nostalgic and makes those warm childhood memories pop up every time”.

Its design makes clear many details of the place such as stairs to the center, kitchen with a box of Neros Pizza and TV room. Other items included are the shaving lotion, Buzz’s tarantula, the robbers’ truck, the paint cans, and the tree house.

This new idea It is part of a plan that the brand has developed in recent years: recreate scenes from famous movies and series. With this strategy they not only attract the attention of LEGO fans but also of the fans of each of the productions that they have represented as the ships of “Star Wars”, the castle of “Harry Potter” and the cafeteria of “Friends”.

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