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Discover the slimming power of amaranth: super-food of great nutritional power, satiating and full of energy

It is well known that the current health and nutrition trend, is based on food intake of high nutritional power and that are mostly classified as super foods. It is a term that has raised many questions, the truth is that it is simply a marketing concept and in reality it is about seasonal foods, that shine for their high nutrient density.

That is why, very contrary to what is thought, super foods are products that are available to everyone and that according to the season of the year it will be easier to integrate them into the daily diet, there are also some alternatives that are timeless and that make it easier to enjoy your therapeutic potential all year. Such is the case of wonderful amaranth, a tiny seed that is only small in size, as it is characterized by its immense nutritional and medicinal power.

Amaranth is considered a very healthy pseudocereal and widely used in the kitchen. It draws special attention for being one of the oldest crops in America and probably of humanity, it was used as an important element in the bleeding ceremonies of the pre-Hispanic peoples, who used to mix amaranth with honey and form figures of deities. That is why amaranth quickly became one of the most important grains in the food of the aztecs (diet of central Mexico and Mesoamericans), for more than 8,000 years.

It is also known as ramdana in Hindi, the amaranth seeds They are a valuable nutritional ally in cultures around the world such as India and in many regions of Latin America. They are highly valued since they are a type of cereal that does not contain gluten and by the nature of their composition they are full of beneficial properties to health. Thanks to its high nutrient content, amaranth seeds have been listed as one of the 36 vegetables with more nutritional potential for humanity, which are related to its unmatched content in proteins, minerals, and also for its great agricultural performance.

About the properties of amaranth:

Amaranth is a extraordinary source of nutrients, which are largely related to his wonderful contribution in essential amino acids, which are very useful to increase the consumption of plant-based proteins (of high biological value) and benefit many functions of the body.

At the same time they stand out for their content in fitoesteroles, a type of plant hormone that helps regulate cholesterol and improve heart health. Also despite his tiny size, they are full of anti-inflammatory components, as is the case of a substance called lunasin which is essential for strengthen the immune system, prevent diseases and viral infections such as colds and flu and of course for fight chronic inflammation.

Between the great benefits of amaranth and that make it be such a special grain, you will find your wonderful fiber content, which is considered a 6,7% superior to the contribution of most of the common cereals and that is related to great benefits for the health. Among the main ones stand out its qualities for accelerate intestinal transit, improve the quality of the intestinal flora and promote proper waste disposal.

Also amaranth seeds are popular for their immense mineral and trace element richness, which make it a food of great restorative power. Very specifically amaranth, it is very rich in calcium and magnesium, in such a way that it is a extraordinary ally for protect bone health and prevent conditions like osteoporosis. Another genius is that amaranth is one of the best vegetable sources of iron (it even provides higher levels than spinach), it also shines for its content in zinc and selenium which are key to stimulating the immune system.

The slimming power of amaranth:

In the last months amaranth has unleashed a kind of nutritional sensationalism throughout the United States, the truth is that due to its powerful composition everyone wants to consume it and integrate it as a very important element in the daily food. The reality is that among its immense properties, one of the most outstanding is that it is a excellent addition in the diets to lose weight. Know the reasons why eat amaranth will help you lose weight in a very nutritious and healthy.

  1. It is very rich in high quality proteins: Amaranth grains are a good source of plant-based protein and amino acids. The role of proteins in weight loss is well known, since they are related to benefits for increase levels of appetite-reducing hormones as GLP-1, PYY y CCK, while reducing hunger hormone levels ghrelin. Thanks to your grandiose satiating power sIt will be much easier to control anxiety to eat and optimize your daily caloric intake.
  2. The importance of fiber: The type of fiber contained in amaranth seeds is divided between those of soluble and insoluble type and they have the peculiarity that they take much longer to decompose and digest. A good intake of fiber not only enhances the feeling of satiety and fullness, is related to a better digestive and intestinal function which promotes good waste removal and is helpful for fight inflammation, which is often related to being overweight.
  3. They facilitate the detoxification of the body: According to information contained in the book ‘Healing Foods’, the amaranth grain contains squalene, a powerful antioxidant that can help reduce impact of toxic substances the organism. In such a way that it is directly related to benefits to purify the body, of toxins, fluids and wastes housed in organs and systems. Is a great complement to eliminate everything that the body does not need, it is worth mentioning that this detoxification process it is a fundamental element in any regimen focused on weight loss.

The best of all is that integrate the consumption of amaranth in the daily diet is the simplest and most accessible. Try integrating it combined with fruit, yogurt, as a great ally to enhance the nutritional value of smoothies, soups, creams, salads, stews, pasta and is ideal in bakery and desserts.

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