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Discover the slimming wonders of boldo tea

Currently, everything that brings us closer to living healthier, preventing diseases and losing weight, in a natural way is well received. Based on this, in recent months all kinds of herbal remedies that are a magnificent medicinal and slimming supplement, such is the case of the popular boldo tea. It is a infused herbal drink made from the leaves of the boldo plant, I know Popularly used in traditional medicine as a treatment to treat various digestive problems, detoxify the liver and increase weight loss.

Boldo tea is one of the most popular natural remedies in Central and South America, It is made from the boldo tree (Peumus boldus), an evergreen shrub native to Chile that also grows in other Central and South American countries such as Mexico and Argentina. It is commonly found in mountainous regions. It is characterized by a powerful, bold and certainly medicinal flavor, in naturopathic medicine it is recommended consume for short periods and much more as medicine than tea. It is prepared by soaking 1 tablespoon (6 grams) of dried boldo leaves in 1 cup (240 ml) of hot water. Due to its potency some people recommend diluting boldo tea with another type of herbal tea called yerba mate to make it safer to consume daily. Best of all, there are currently commercial alternatives that contain premade blends of these two types of tea.

Since its main use today is for weight loss, we set about compiling the list of its main benefits to accelerate weight loss. You will be amazed at what this herbal remedy can do for your weight and health.

What are the slimming benefits of boldo tea?

1. It is a powerful antioxidant

The boldo plant is characterized by its content in unique organic compounds that benefit weight loss. Its boldine (alkaloid) content and its powerful antioxidants such as flavonoids are notable for being substances with great anti-inflammatory potential. Specifically, there is a study that supports its great benefits. The research work was based on studying the 13 herbal teas commonly used in South America and found that boldo tea had one of the higher antioxidant activities. This was based on its ability to fight free radicals, which are harmful compounds that can cause cellular damage and their presence is related to the appearance of chronic diseases that deteriorate health. One of the main obesity.

2. Provides great anti-inflammatory properties

One of the most popular benefits of the systematic intake of boldo tea to lose weight, lies in its immense anti-inflammatory power. It is the perfect drink to combat bloating and inflammation, which are a direct cause of weight gain and are related to digestive disorders that make weight loss difficult. It is also well known that chronic inflammation is the origin of all kinds of degenerative diseases, including obesity.

3. Speeds up metabolism

The organic compounds of boldo tea, in combination with its high antioxidant content, give it great benefits to accelerate metabolism.. It is well known that an agile metabolism promotes a greater burning of calories and fat in the body, in addition it intervenes in a positive way in a better digestive process that is key to lose weight faster. Its consumption is also of great help for Avoid overeating and naturally suppress your appetite.

4. Powerful diuretic

The leaves of the boldo tree are considered one of the most powerful diuretics in nature, that is why it is another of the exceptional slimming virtues of boldo tea. It is a drink that intervenes favorably in the elimination of waste, toxins, fats, salts and liquids retained in the body, which are associated with weight gain or difficulty in losing it. In addition, by promoting liver purification, it is a good ally in controlling high blood glucose levels and thus also stimulates weight loss.

About the recommended dose:

Because boldo tea contains ascaridole, a potentially harmful aromatic compound, it is not recommended to drink it on a daily basis. To minimize its possible complications, experts recommend consume only 1 cup (240 ml) of boldo tea per day for no more than 7 consecutive days to lose weight safely and always in addition to a balanced diet. Another good recommendation is to choose to drink the boldo tea variants mixed with yerba mate, it makes its consumption lighter and that it can be ingested more regularly. Now you know, boldo is much more than a tea, it is an infusion of great medicinal potential that can be a powerful natural supplement for weight loss. Remember there are no miracle drinks, herbs or foods, the key to success is to follow a healthy lifestyle, avoid excesses and live in harmony.

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