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Discover the three residential centers of Ballesol in Alicante

Ballesol directs care towards qualitative and not quantitative aspects.

Ballesol directs care towards qualitative and not quantitative aspects.

Successful productive longevity is increasingly associated with living in a residence. most of experts in geriatrics and gerontology agree on the benefits of stays in life-facilitating environments. To achieve what many call successful aging, the three residences that Ballesol has in Alicante (Vía Parque, Playa San Juan and Costa Blanca Resort) have evolved towards a unique, exclusive and differentiating model of the rest “by knowing how to adapt to the characteristics of the users and not the other way around.”

The new income this summer is distributed according to the wishes of the families.

Guide care and social health care depending on each situation taking into account “both the wishes and preferences of the elderly”, it has made these three centers Ballesol in references in Spain, acknowledges Vicente Cuesta, Ballesol Mediterranean area operations director.

Stimulating and privileged environments

The new income this summer is distributed according to the wishes of the families. The location and layout of Ballesol Via Park makes it possible to create spaces of security and independence, stimulating environments and life facilitators for residents and families. Demand for holiday, temporary or long-term stays on Ballesol Playa San Juan it is closely related to the possibility of enjoying a privileged beach environment and natural and accessible spaces.

Grupo Ballesol Vía Parque.

Excellence in each type of stay

The trend is to direct care towards qualitative aspects and not quantitative. Excellence in each type of stay makes the difference in Ballesol Costa Blanca Resort, as well as its enviable location on the first line of La Vila cove, next to Benidorm. This residence also offers its residents the option of living in apartments, specially designed for autonomous people who lead a life with total independence.

In this adaptation towards the person, the residential center must consider from the environments of stay and coexistence interaction to the ergonomic and efficient equipment for each resident. Reality has made it possible in Ballesol Alicante, also recognized for its contribution “to people’s progress and in which to develop life projects with special social and solidarity symbols.”

Comprehensive and individualized attention

Also as a place in which to respond to illusions and expectations, challenges and opportunities, promoting person-centered care (expanding joint programs of food, rehabilitation, socio-cultural activities, … with a playful dimension, creative and festive for him enjoy leisure experiences and capable of preventing and / or addressing any type of deficit). Thus responding to the demand for care that is committed to autonomy, comprehensive and individualized attention, either in rooms or apartments.

Ballesol Costa Blanca Resort stands out for its enviable location.

Options that make Ballesol It is not simply a space in which to live and be passing through, but the best place to live with health, understood as physical, mental and social well-being, and of course, with dignity, rights and respect.

More information

Ballesol Alicante Centers

  • Ballesol Playa de San Juan: Avenida San Sebastián, 33, 03540 Playa San Juan, Alicante Tel. 965 154 125
  • Ballesol Via Parque: C/ Virgilio, 17, 03016 Alicante Tel.965 156 833
  • Ballesol Costa Blanca: C / Tramuntana, 2, 03570 La Cala de La Vila, Villajoyosa Alicante Tel. 965 857 671

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