Tuesday, May 17

Dismantled in Alicante a criminal organization that sold wrecked cars with stolen vehicle parts

The agents in the clandestine workshop, at the time of the arrest

The agents in the clandestine workshop, at the time of the arrest

The National Police have arrested eight people in Alicante who are members of a criminal organization that operated at the national level dedicated to the reception of stolen vehicles, which were disassembled and their parts were used in damaged vehicles that were later sold in houses of sale in the towns of Alicante, San Vicente del Raspeig and Mutxamel.

Agents of Group II of Organized Crime of the Judicial Police Brigade of the Provincial Police Station of Alicante carried out an investigation into a criminal network dedicated to the reception of stolen vehicles that, once stolen, They manipulated their frames or scrapped them to mount their parts in other vehicles that they acquired from accidents and that they later sold them in car buying and selling houses run by members of the organization.

The agents began the investigation as a result of the recovery of a vehicle that had been reported as stolen in 2017 in the town of Murcia and whose frame had been tampered with.

With the arrest of the driver for an alleged crime of vehicle theft and document falsification, the investigators continued with the efforts to clarify the origin of the recovered vehicle, finding out that the detainee owned a vehicle buying and selling business in the town of San Vicente del Raspeig and that he used an abandoned farm in the vicinity where he kept many cars and that he used as a clandestine workshop.

Suspecting that the detainee could be involved in the sale of vehicles of illicit origin, the officers made a search in said farm where numerous pieces of scrapped vehicles were located and after the practice of steps it was determined that belonged to vehicles that had been reported as stolen in different municipalities of Alicante, Madrid, Murcia and even one of them in Italy.

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600 marijuana plants and a revolver

The National Police also searched a garage owned by the detainee where 600 large marijuana plants were located and a detonating revolver was also charged by a alleged drug trafficking crime, fraud of electric fluid.

The progress of the investigation allowed the officers to locate another purchase-sale house in which wrecked vehicles were acquired that were repaired with stolen vehicle parts for later sale, checking that some of them were also advertised on well-known web portals.

Eight arrests

As a result of the entire investigation, eight arrests were made for crimes of vehicle theft, reception, documentary falsification, fraud and belonging to a criminal group.

In total, five searches were carried out in which multitude of pieces belonging to twelve stolen vehicles, three stolen cars without scrapping and a motorcycle also stolen, disassembled and packed.

The detainees of Spanish and Albanian nationality, between 19 and 51 years of age, all of them with a history of similar crimes, were all released after being heard in a statement at police stations, waiting to be called to testify in court.


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