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Dismantled the band that robbed the house of singer James Blunt in Ibiza

Warehouse of the Civil Guard in Can Sifre with some of the recovered stolen objects.

Warehouse of the Civil Guard in Can Sifre with some of the recovered stolen objects.

The Civil Guard has arrested two men of Romanian nationality in Ibiza as members of a criminal organization dedicated to the commission of robberies with force in inhabited houses, for damages and for crimes against public health. Within the framework of operation ‘Second’, agents of the Ibiza Civil Guard began an investigation after the complaints received about robberies in the houses of people with a high economic level, located in rural areas of the island. Among the houses looted by the gang is that of British singer James Blunt, who denounced the theft of various belongings, including jewelery of sentimental value and a bayonet from his time as a soldier in the Balkan War.

One of those arrested in the operation is EC, who had attended the 2011 elections as number 9 on the PSOE electoral list in Formentera, and who was already arrested four years ago for stealing from a house in Santa Gertrudis. The other detainee is his brother, also with a long criminal record. Both were released on charges.

Within the surveillance device established on the island to find the components of this gang, a patrol of the Civil Guard of Santa Eulària surprised the suspects, who tried to carry out an evasive maneuver while they were driving a rental vehicle through the Santa Eulària area. Gertrude. Although they tried to flee, the agents managed to intercept the car and stop them.

Once arrested, the Judicial Police team of the Civil Guard of Ibiza, after comparing the data obtained at the time in the visual inspections of the violated places, They managed to obtain evidence and indications to clarify the robberies, as well as the location of a clandestine warehouse, where they kept the stolen material.

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The research has also allowed know how the band actedFirst, he chose the house in which he was going to rob, and the gang subjected the residents to intense surveillance in order to obtain the necessary data to commit the robbery successfully. Afterwards, they perpetrated the crime at night, previously ensuring the absence of security guards and residents of the house, and also disabling the alarm systems that the houses had.

Until now, the Civil Guard has been able to clarify a dozen robberies committed by this criminal organization on the island and has recovered a large number of stolen effects, for a total of 300,000 euros, among which are two sculptures, valued at 70,000 euros each, and several paintings by well-known authors. Hundreds of bottles of wine, cognac and champagne, 19th century table clocks, jade carvings, gold and silver cutlery, various jewelry, tools and even a muzzleloader have also been found.

Likewise, the agents have intervened about 500 grams of marijuana buds from the detainees arranged for sale. Apart from these two arrests, the investigation is still open, since the agents continue looking for the rest of the members of the gang for their arrest, some of them already identified, since they had been dismantled in previous operations for crimes against property. The gang, despite the harassment of the investigation, had managed to regenerate.

The objects stolen from the houses and recovered are currently in the premises of the Ibiza Civil Guard, in Can Sifre, waiting to be recognized and claimed by their legitimate owners, including the singer James Blunt.

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