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Dismissal of the Cooperation technician in full criticism of the sector for the management of the Alicante bipartisan

The mayor of Cooperation, María Conejera (Cs), in a file image

The mayor of Cooperation, María Conejera (Cs), in a file image

Troubled times in Cooperation: from the termination of the technician to the criticism of the sector. The Councilor for Immigration, Cooperation and Volunteering, María Conejero (Citizens), he has removed the head of the area service from his post, claiming that it is “a freely appointed position and when confidence is lost, the transfer is requested.” In addition, the mayor added that the decision seeks “give a tour of the council“. Municipal sources assure that the cessation occurs”at the worst time of year“, since at this point in the year the projects and the budget are closed. They also regret that while the cooperation” is not being supported by the bipartisan “, there is the dismissal of an official. The area right now has barely any four workers and a shrinking budget, despite the electoral commitment of PP and Ciudadanos (along with that of the left) to dedicate 0.2% of the consolidated municipal budgets in Alicante in 2020 to international cooperation, in addition to continuing to progress gradually until the goal of reaching 0.7% by 2030.

The technician who was dismissed this Tuesday sent an email of farewell to the members of the Council for International Cooperation of the City Council, in which he wished that “Immigration, Development Cooperation and Volunteering in Alicante City Council follow the course they deserve”, in addition to recognizing that they have “been some very complicated years“.” I have given up all my effort and dedication, especially this last one that ends, but without a doubt, without your work, your patience and your desire to make a better world it would not have been possible. ”

Act of adhesion to the Agreement for a municipal public policy of International Cooperation in the municipality of Alicante, in the 2019 electoral campaign

Since United We Can, the purple spokesman, Xavier López, has assured that this bipartisan decision “seriously worries them” because “could harm the granting of aid to NGDOs“.” The coalition also recalls that many workers have been forced to add to their unemployment lists due to late payment of subsidies. “The spokesperson considers that this decision “It puts in check essential social intervention projects at a time like the one we are in“And that the departed head of service”has paid for the broken dishes of Conejero’s inability to manage”. For López, it is a “tremendously unfair situation for the civil service” since “technical personnel are being blamed for a purely political problem.” The spokesman also wonders if it is “a new cession of the councilor Conejero to the demands of Vox” after last year he compromised the budget of his areas to satisfy the extreme right.

Complaints from entities to local government management

Coinciding with the decision of the councilor, the Valencian Coordinator of ONGD has harshly criticized the management of the Alicante bipartite: “As a result of the latest events with respect to the praxis and the functioning of the Department of Development Cooperation of the Alicante City Council , the Non-Governmental Organizations for the Development of the municipality have seen their capacities for action diminished due to the cuts in the budgets, the scarce dialogue between the parties, the deficient distribution of the budget for the present 2020 call, the inflexibility regarding the elimination of the installment payment of the funds and the lack of qualified personnel – at the moment we even find ourselves without technical personnel, much to the surprise “. From the entity, they point out that “this situation, which has been taking place for several years, has generated discontent among the member entities of the Territorial Union of Alicante, who tired of not feeling heard have decided to collect their demands in a document to vindicate an effective and quality cooperation policy, as agreed last year 2019 during the signing by the different political groups of the Budget Support Agreement for Cooperation “.

In the aforementioned report, the Coordinadora Valenciana de ONGD highlights “the decline in cooperation policy in recent yearsAmong the proposals for improvement they put on the table stands out “Improving dialogue with the Cooperation sector on municipal policies, especially when there are very important issues such as establishing criteria on resolutions and reforms in the bases, that the criteria for the distribution of the funds be explicitly established in the bases of the call, that the evaluation sheets of all projects be regularly sent to all NGDOs by the Department, and that the possibility of holding meetings to evaluate projects to improve. “They also claim to improve the operation and the information provided to the Municipal Cooperation Council on municipal budgets, composition of the cooperation budget, evaluation criteria, resolutions as well as the mechanisms of information, transparency and accountability towards citizens “. From Compromís, led by Natxo Bellido, they assure that they will present an initiative to the December plenary session before the analysis of the cooperation carried out by the coordinator.

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