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Distrito Digital makes available to tech companies the talent of the Valencian Community

Distrito Digital Comunitat Valenciana, the technological ecosystem of reference among European hubs, in its tireless commitment to economic diversification in our territory, carries out a strategic program to support the specialized training in the ICT environment, both the one given in the Vocational Training cycles and in the universities. The objective: to facilitate the access of new professionals to the world of work and to encourage companies to have direct access to the qualified talent, even involving them in the orientation of the study plans and the qualification they need to cover their job offer.

The business attraction plan started just two years ago by the Digital District and the participation program, which involves all companies in the project. Business that develop products or Technological services throughout the entire Valencian Community, has created a powerful ecosystem whose main engine are the projects that are developed there and the talent, the professionals who make it possible.

The development of these technologies requires a highly specialized talent and Distrito Digital raises the quality of the technical teachings given in the Community as one of the most important points of attraction towards startups and national and international technology companies.

In the collaboration already begun with the General Directorate of Vocational Training (FP) and Special Regime Teachings since the beginning of the hub, various actions have been carried out that have been very advantageous, both for students and for technology, such as the Conference “New technological challenges for employability in computer training cycles “, held last January.

A total of 450 FP students from the province of Alicante participated in this meeting, from the Higher Degree training cycles in Network Systems Administration, Web Application Development and Multiplatform Application Development in the province of Alicante.

All these students had the opportunity to see first-hand the potential that new technologies offer when it comes to create new job opportunities. For this, they had the direct testimony of recognized professionals and specialists in the sector, as well as leading companies in new technologies and digital innovation.

“It is essential that the business and training world maintain a close relationship that enables full knowledge of the needs of the tech companies for adapt the teaching offer to the reality of the labor market of a sector that clearly offers excellent conditions for the future ”, indicates the director of Sociedad Proyectos Temáticos (SPTCV) and Distrito Digital, Antonio Rodes.

Along the same lines of collaboration, involving on this occasion the five public universities of the Valencian Community, Distrito Digital scheduled this past October another meeting of special interest, aimed at facilitating the transit of graduates to the world of work, a “Talent Day”. The University of Alicante, the Miguel Hernández University of Elche, the Polytechnic University of Valencia, the University of Valencia and the Jaime I University of Castellón had the opportunity to put their employment services on the table and agree on facilities for the direct access to talent be one of the services that Distrito Digital can offer to companies that join the hub.

“We are aware that Distrito Digital can be of great help as a mediator for tech companies that come to our ecosystem and that require talent urgently: the establishment of collaboration synergies can allow them to quickly and agilely obtain the talent of students from universities and Vocational Training ”, Rodes explains in this regard.

In this sense, recruitment of young talent It is also fulfilling another function: that of facilitating the return of graduates who had to emigrate in search of better job opportunities and who can now find better qualified job offers in tech companies.

Innovation in the world of vocational training

In this context, the Generalitat Valenciana, -through the Ministry of Education-, has chosen precisely the facilities in Alicante of the Valencian Community Digital District to host Center for Advanced Digital Innovation in Vocational Training (CIDA), a newly created organization that has taken its first steps and that will take off with all its activity in 2021.

CIDA is called to be the reference center for digitization of VET, in the fields of the innovation applied, research, the promotion of economic transformation and excellence in the skills of VET students.

Its location seems very successful, if we take into account that among its objectives is technological surveillance, the development of new learning methodologies, applied digital research and innovation and the transfer of the results of the R + D + i projects in educational centers, companies and other organizations related to innovation and digitization, as well as the financing and promotion of research projects in VET educational centers.

A whole field of cultivation that is already bearing its first fruits, like the day “Vocational Training in the face of digital transformation”, held this Wednesday, November 11, organized by Distrito Digital and the Directorate General of Vocational Training (FP) and Special Regime Teaching.

The event is framed within the European Vocational Training Week, and has aimed to respond to the challenges that VET faces: new jobs for the future, training Student practice oriented to the new challenges of the labor market and the training of teachers to adapt to the new paradigm of the labor market.

With this latest initiative, Digital District has wanted to contribute the value of the digital transformation that companies are experiencing to professional training.

For this, it is necessary to continue building bridges between the talent needs of technology companies and VET students and helping the projects that are developed in the innovation hub to collaborate to promote the digital transformation that VET requires.

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