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Distrito Digital presents its innovation programs in tourism, climate change and health

Antonio Rodes in a conference to explain the challenges of the Digital District

Antonio Rodes in a conference to explain the challenges of the Digital District

Valencian Community Digital District will officially present this Thursday the three international open innovation challenge programs that have just started, focused on generating technological solutions specially adapted to the needs of administrations and corporations of the Valencian Community in the fields of Tourism, Climate Change and prevention of natural disasters and Health.

This event will take place in the Glass Room of the Digital District building 1, and will be chaired by the Regional Minister for Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society, Carolina Pascual, who will close the act. The president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, will welcome the attendees online, and will also have the participation of the Minister of Universal Health and Public Health, Ana Barcelo, among other authorities.

Also participating in the event will be the general director of the Valencian Community Digital District, Antonio Rodes, representatives of the Generalitat Valenciana in the areas of Tourism, Climate Change and Health, and the teams of the companies that are carrying out the organization of the challenges: the UTE Globaldit-Innova Next on tourism, la UTE AGBARGellify Iberia S.L. on Climate change e Innsomnia Accelerator SL. on Health.

Distrito Digital wanted to take advantage of this meeting to facilitate the holding, throughout the day, various meetings of networking around the three challenges, between the parties involved in its development and the agents interested in buying innovation.

In the three challenges Challenges, workshops and an innovation program will be developed – in face-to-face, virtual or mixed format depending on the conditions allowed by the state of the pandemic – to attract startups and projects that can reach the main actors of the respective sectors, and that facilitate the effective transfer of digital solutions from the Digital District in the aforementioned fields.

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They will be companies that will contribute to the development of open innovation projects. They will promote the attraction of companies and projects from all over the world to the Digital District, and will also offer new opportunities to companies in our ecosystem and the whole of the Valencian Community to participate in this type of international challenges.

In the sector oriented vertical tourist, solutions will be proposed to improve operability and competitiveness, such as Smart Destination Solutions, or technological initiatives in the field of urban services related to tourism, both in the context of crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic, and in normal conditions.

Likewise, technological solutions will be addressed around the Climate change, forest fires, pollution, the sustainability of the sea and rivers in terms of their contamination. They will be tools to help predict and prevent natural disasters in real time and improve disaster management, in aspects such as communications, logistics and rescue, among others.

Finally, work will be done in the field of digitization of the health management, improving the efficiency and management of hospitals and the use of AI and Big Data for exploitation of patient data. This section will also occupy the so-called telemedicine, with the creation of emergency provider platforms, the implementation of virtual assistance in homes, advanced clinical microbiology or the connection of patients and remote healthcare control, and precision medicine, among others. aspects.

These challenges will lead to the installation of at least 17 new companies in the ecosystem of the Digital District and will contribute to fulfilling one of the main tasks of this hub, which is to become a true innovation factory, generating supply and demand for solutions that are they have proven more necessary today than ever.

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