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Distrito Digital will set up a “training factory” and a support office for the ‘digital kit’ for SMEs

Antonio Rodes, during the Municipal Forum

Antonio Rodes, during the Municipal Forum
Rafa Arjones

It was advanced in the morning by the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, and the general director of the Society for Thematic Projects of the Valencian Community (SPTCV), Antonio Rodes, gave more details this afternoon. The two major Digital District projects for next year will be the launch of a support platform for the Digital Kit Plan, which aims to bring new technologies to SMEs, and the creation of a “Talent District”, with which It is intended to promote the training of professionals, to promote the attraction of first-rate companies and projects. Both projects will be developed by the Department of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society, through the Digital District.

The first one, the Support and Support Platform, seeks to ensure and maximize the efficiency of our productive fabric of the ‘Digital Kit’ Plan for the self-employed, micro-enterprises and SMEs.

As developed by Antonio Rodes, general director of SPTCV, during his speech at the same Municipal Forum organized by INFORMACIÓN, in which he explained both initiatives more fully. “The characteristics of the Next Generation Funds require that the resources be destined in their entirety, in a finalist manner, to companies. And we have the absolute conviction that, without a capillary structure such as the one we propose, the success of the Program will be limited by the still scarce awareness of digitization of the productive fabric “, said Rodes.

This Support and Support Platform for the Digitization Plan proposes, among other aspects, to open 20 single windows in the whole of the Valencian Community to give capillarity to the Plan; create a centralized management team, and at the same time distributed, for the development and monitoring of the plan; organize the competition of digital consulting companies to produce the digital transformation of companies.

The Platform would operate for a period of two and a half years, with public-private funding, between the Generalitat itself through the Digital District and the digitizing companies. The budget contribution of the Generalitat would be 9 million euros.

15,000 professionals

The second of the projects for 2022 contemplates the start-up, through the Digital District, of a large factory for training and promoting technological and digital employment in the whole of the Valencian Community called the Talent District to address the labor shortage qualified to operate in the new economy sector.

This plan has the objectives of “training 15,000 professionals in three years; acting on the problem of youth and long-term unemployment; providing municipalities with instructors and tools, physical and online, to train their young people in future professions, as well as attracting new digital projects through the supply of talent, thus turning the Valencian Community into a leader in operational digital training “, said Rodes.

To do this, Distrito Talento will offer a Platform (physical and digital) with its own and third-party solutions adapted to market needs; intensive and short-term programs (450 hours / 3 months on average); specialized teaching staff, and high employability.

It will also function as a Permanent Observatory of new jobs for the future and a bridge between training centers and companies; and will include a program of educational and informative events and employability fairs aimed at young people between 18 and 24 years old; long-term unemployed; professionals in general in search of job reorientation and the Digital Economy who want to acquire new technical skills.

The model will be based on public-private collaboration, integrating public systems, universities, Vocational Training, LABORA, companies, Digital Economy companies that constitute the demand and are willing to carry out the training, training ecosystems, the 42 Academy of the Fundación Telefónica, business schools and business associations.

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