Wednesday, August 17

Divorce (and separation of assets) of Junts and PdeCat in Parliament

Artur Mas hugs Carles Puigdemont in a file image.

The fracture of independence Conservative crystallizes in Congress. PdeCat and Together They have starred this Wednesday a resounding political rift in Parliament, where these two previously electorally coalesced actors seek to give a new fit to your relationship.

And it is that the four leaders of PdeCat, the party heir to Artur Mas, and the four from Junts, a formation linked to Carles Puigdemont, have opened a fierce struggle in the Cortes to expand their respective parliamentary leadership at the expense of the other. Both formations attended together in the last generals under the acronym of Together for Catalonia (JxCat), but Puigdemont’s control over the organization’s structure roused the heirs of the old Convergència.

Now, after weeks of high tension in Congress over the debate on how to approach budget negotiation with the Government, they have staged their final divorce within its parliamentary group, the Plural Group, which they share with More Country, Commitment and BNG.

A divorce in which those involved have also claimed a Separation of Property: This same Wednesday there was a meeting in Congress where the two Catalan factions asked the rest of the groups to redistribute the available resources, each of them trying to extend their time frame for speeches in Parliament.

The Grupo Plural was created out of pure pragmatism: deputies from different political formations sealed a strictly parliamentary alliance to avoid being assigned to the Mixed Group, where the economic resources, the time available and the initiative quotas to be presented are much smaller. It was a coordinated action by eight minority groups that they were destined to distribute the resources of the Mixed Group. All of them registered the request to form a new group and, once constituted, half of the formations left it to become non-affiliated. They went to the Mixed Teruel exists, PRC, Canary Islands Coalition and New Canary Islands and they remained in the Grupo Plural Más País-Compromís, Junts per Catalunya and the Bloque Nacionalista Galego. Thus, the small parties managed to distribute themselves in two spaces and achieved more ‘cake’ in this distribution of the cake.

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However, the disagreements in JxCat have reached such an extent that the situation has become untenable. The differences began a year ago now, when the PdeCat leaders announced that they would maintain their own profile in the face of the Junts drift, sticking to the guidelines of former president Puigdemont and in a systematic opposition to any avenue of negotiation with the Government that does not include self-determination. Already in November of last year, the four deputies of the PdeCat gave their support to the General State Budgets, while the Junts remained on the sidelines. The differences became more pronounced as the Catalan elections approached, where they concurred separately and PdeCat was left without representation in the Catalan Parliament.

Last week these differences became even more evident in the face of the new budget negotiations for 2022 and the post-convergent spokesman, Ferran Bel, questioned the offer launched by his counterpart from Junts, Miriam Nogueras, on creating a common front to negotiate the PGEs that have already reached Congress. Bel charged hard against his fellow members of the group and his candidacy, assuring that they are “in the trench every day” and exercising “opposition to everything”, his willingness to initiate a real negotiation not to be credible.

Now you are differences have reached the very heart of the Plural Group, which met this Wednesday morning at the request of the Junts to restructure the distribution of time and resources between the different groups and to reduce the role of PdeCat, considering that, as they did not have representation in the Catalan Parliament, the four deputies of the currently available in Congress are not a true reflection of its influence.

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In this encounter, in which they highlighted the reproachesRepresentatives of the rest of the groups also attended. The approach of Junts was to change the operating system that was established in its constitution to reduce the times of the PdeCat subgroup; a request that was unheard by the rest of the parties, considering that once the group was in operation, the internal coalition problems had to be solved internally.

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