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Divorces rise in the province by 11% at the beginning of the year after the collapse of 2020

Of total lawsuits filed in Alicante between January and March, 616 were consensual divorces and another 438 without agreement; while 23 consensual separations and another 15 without consensus were registered. Likewise, requests for modification of measures and the custody regime with respect to children in separated couples increased by about 20%. The data reflect that in the province of Alicante this request for change was made without the existence of any agreement between the parties. A total of 109 proposed the change of measures already agreed with the ex-partner; while there were 374 cases in which there had not been any type of agreement. The difference between one group and another was not so marked in the cases in which a change in custody and custody was requested: in 248 demands there was consensus; at 287, no.

At the beginning of the pandemic, lawyers already warned that as a consequence of the economic situation many parents were going to demand these changes in measures, due to the precarious employment situation. Also the conflicts with the delivery of the children and the visitation regimes during the days of confinement, with accusations of non-compliance between both spouses, may be behind this increase in demands.

Over the past year, lawsuits in the Family courts fell by about 13 percent in the entire province of Alicante, with a total of 4,128 lawsuits compared to 4,691 in 2019. An increase was expected due to the possible crisis that could have caused the days of confinement but the sources consulted by this newspaper blamed the data on economic uncertainty that made some spouses choose to wait before making any important decision. With the start of the new year, some of these couples in crisis seem to have decided to make the break official.

The statistics show that between January 1 and March 31, 2021, the Valencian judicial bodies received 1,910 consensual divorce requests, 10.4% more than a year earlier; and another 1,146 of non-consensual, 11.5% more than in the first quarter of 2020, as indicated by the Superior Court of Justice of the Community. By provinces, it was Valencia that registered the highest activity, with 1,765, while in Castellón there were 335.

The Community, second in Spain in dissolutions

The Valencian Community is the second in Spain in number of dissolutions, with 6.3 lawsuits per 10,000 inhabitants. Canarias tops the list with a rate of 6.4. The next territories in the ranking are Cantabria and Murcia with 6; while the Balearic Islands and Catalonia reached 5.8; and Andalusia, 5.7. All these communities exceeded the national average, which was 5.4, according to the CGPJ statistics.

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