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Do bananas make you fat or help you lose weight?

Considering that one of the most powerful nutritional recommendations to improve health and lose weight, is Increase consumption of fruits and vegetablesCurrently, all kinds of questions have been unleashed about the best variants to integrate into the daily diet. Probably one of the most controversial fruits when we want to lose weight is bananas, although its richness in nutrients and medicinal potential is undeniable; it is true that many people are concerned about consuming fruits with a high sugar content. Especially because of its possible relationship with weight gain, based on this the question has arisen: Are bananas a friendly fruit to lose weight? Or rather they make us fat.

The first thing you have to know is that bananas are considered one of the healthier foods from nature and they have many health benefits. They contain a lot of fiber, carbohydrates, essential vitamins and minerals. A medium-sized banana contains: potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, magnesium, copper, manganese, and lots of fiber. Therefore, it is important to know that a rich piece of banana is accompanied by 105 calories, of which 90% come from carbohydrates. And most of these carbohydrates (especially in ripe bananas) are sugars: sucrose, glucose and fructose. Complementarily, they are low in fat and protein. Among the data that most attract attention to its composition is its content of very beneficial plant compounds with great antioxidant power: dopamine and catechin. Broadly speaking, we can say that dopamine is related to remarkable functions to promote movement, good memory, cognitive functions, humor and sleep. For their part, catechins act as powerful antioxidants, which protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Discover the powerful reasons that make bananas the perfect dietary addition to lose weight, with a lot of health and nutrition. Best of all, they are delicious!

1. Bananas are rich in fiber and low in calories:

One of the main virtues by which we can recognize that bananas are a great dietary addition for weight lossIt is its high fiber content that is perfectly justified by its caloric value. The Fiber is important for maintaining regular bowel habits and plays a vital role in digestive health. It is well known that it is one of the most important nutrients in weight loss, in fact there are numerous scientific references that prove that a diet high in fiber can reduce the risk of heart disease, certain types of cancer, diabetes, disease diverticular and obesity.

An adequate intake of fiber is directly related to the reduction of body weight. Science does not lie and confirms it, such is the case of a recent study from January this year and published in the National Library of Medicine. In which the food intake of 252 women was measured for 20 months. It found that for every extra gram of fiber the women ate per day, their body weight was about 0.55 pounds (0.25 kg) lower. Researchers point out that these positive effects on body weight are related to its satiating power that makes us eat fewer calories in the long term.

2. The greener, the more resistant to starch:

The type of carbohydrates that a banana contains will depend on its degree of maturity. Therefore unripe green bananas are rich in resistant starch and ripe yellow bananas contain mainly sugars. That is why the ripeness of bananas intervenes in their digestive effects and in relation to weight loss. Resistant starches are long chains of glucose (starch) resistant to digestion, that is, they have the ability to act as soluble fiber in the body and as a result provide many potential health benefits. Among those that stand out its virtues to accelerate weight loss and reduce high blood sugar levels, since It can slow down the absorption of sugar from food. Thanks to this, they are a good food to feel satisfied for longer. Another genius around resistant starch and weight loss is that it helps increase fat burning.

3. Bananas have a low glycemic index:

Although this is a concept that is also related to the degree of ripeness, in general we can say that bananas are a food with a low glycemic index. This concept was created as a measure of how foods raise blood sugar levels: if a food scores below 55, it is considered to have a low GI, 56–69 is medium, while a score above 70 is high. It is well known that foods that contain a large amount of simple sugars are rapidly absorbed into the body and consequently have a higher glycemic index, which can alter blood glucose and cause weight problems. While lSlower absorbed carbohydrate foods have a lower GI and keep blood sugar levels stable. Since bananas contain about a 90% carbohydrates, it is normal that they are classified as a fruit with high sugar content and that could increase the level of sugar in the blood. However, the GI score for bananas is 42 to 62, depending on ripeness. That is, its glycemic index goes from low to medium and the best of all is bananas. They have the virtue of releasing their sugars slowly.

4. Bananas are satisfying:

Thanks to its texture and nutritional composition, bananas are a very satisfying food. They represent the perfect balance between fiber, caloric intake and sugars, they are a great option to naturally and healthy suppress the appetite. A banana makes us quench our hunger and helps us avoid overeating, without adding unnecessary calories to the diet. In fact, bananas help us feel much better than eating other high-calorie snacks. The best of all is that its peel is the perfect and most hygienic wrapper, which will help us to always have a banana at hand and without so much complication.

So the next time you are in doubt about the benefits of bananas to complement your weight loss efforts, wonder no more. Bananas are healthy, nutritious, rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, but low in calories. They are a friendly food for everyone and thanks to their medium glycemic index they can be consumed by all types of people (including diabetics). Without a doubt, they are friendly with any weight loss plan, very accessible and immensely versatile. Let’s enjoy right now!

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