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Do not gain more than 6 pounds or get pregnant before the wedding: The 37-rule contract that a bride had her ladies sign

Without a doubt, a wedding can be a stressful event for the bride and groom, their family and even their friends. But the girlfriend in this story decided not to leave any loose ends to prevent any kind of situation from getting out of control during her big day. So designed a 37-rule contract and had it signed by her ladies in waiting, with demands as far-fetched as not gaining more than six pounds or getting pregnant before the wedding.

The document, which the same girlfriend uploaded to her Facebook account and which was taken up by The Mirror, It specifies in a very concrete way the guidelines that the ladies, their friends, should follow to present themselves to the party and accompany the bride.

Among them, your commitment not to gain more than six pounds before the day, not to deliberately get pregnant, not suggesting to the bride, not wearing colored contact lenses, bright lipstick, not taking your children to the party, wearing the bride’s chosen dress, hairstyle and makeup, as well as having five full days to dedicate to the wedding preparations.

The woman assured that, Although initially he had 10 escorts for that day, only six of them were willing to sign the 37-clause contract.

The bride’s contract.

The 37 rules

The Mirror recovered all the rules pointed out by the bride for her bridesmaids which, of course, were harshly criticized on social media:

  1. I won’t try convince the bride to change anything at her wedding.
  2. I will not speak negatively nobody’s at the wedding.
  3. I will not win more than 3 kilos (6.6 pounds) between today and the wedding.
  4. I will use only black or dark brown hair on the wedding day (Wicks can be accepted with prior approval).
  5. I can not wear eyelashes on your wedding day unless they to are installed by a professional.
  6. I have to attend the bachelorette party, tryouts, rehearsals, and wedding ( The only reason I will not go is death or jail, pregnancy of more than five months and some illness with a recent doctor’s note).
  7. I will take cto are of my skin, hair and nails from now until the wedding.
  8. The bride will choose my makeup artist the wedding day.
  9. I will accept wear the dress the bride chooses regardless of my own opinions, style or color.
  10. I will not wear accessories, clothing or jewelry on the wedding day, except my wedding or engagement ring.
  11. I will not stay intentionally pregnant before the wedding (Pregnancies under five months will not be an excuse for not attending).
  12. I will support the bride in everything whatever you choose.
  13. I will not consume more than seven units of alcohol during any event except for the bachelorette party (there will be no limit).
  14. I will not bring a date to the wedding or reception without the approval of the bride.
  15. I will not carry external persons, except children, to no meeting.
  16. I will not bring my children to the wedding unless they to are part of the party (Without exceptions).
  17. I will make sure have a responsible babysitter on the day of all events and I understand that not showing up for not having a babysitter will not be an acceptable excuse.
  18. I will not flirt with men at the wedding party.
  19. I will not date no one at the wedding party I wasn’t dating before signing this contract.
  20. I will be happy and positive at all times during the wedding and reception.
  21. I will not feel sensitive and angry with the girlfriend because I understand that she has a bossy attitude.
  22. I won’t try to get over the girlfriend no way.
  23. Will wear the hairstyle that the bride chooses for the wedding day.
  24. I understand that I have to pay for my own dress, shoes and hairstyle for the wedding.
  25. I understand that the bachelorette party may involve a trip.
  26. I understand that I have to buy a bridal shower t-shirt and finance my own trip if there is one.
  27. I understand that bridesmaids will need help to fund some of the events. Wedding and reception to are not included.
  28. I understand that the bride doesn’t want any suggestions and this rule is here twice, in two different ways because the bride wants it to be clear. The only suggestion allowed is a way to get your exact item at a cheaper price.
  29. I will not leave the wedding party for any of the reasons mentioned above. If I don’t like something on the list, I will not sign the contract and will be replaced. I understand that not agreeing to the above terms will not ruin the friendship of the bride and myself. But if I sign and accept and then want to quit, it will ruin our friendship.
  30. I understand that no friendship with the bride is greater than any other at your wedding party and everyone will be treated equally.
  31. I understand that you may need to do physical activity at the reception and this requires practices provided by the bride.
  32. Are not allowed colored contact lenses.
  33. There is not eyebrows drawn in black or drawn thick (in fact, consult the makeup rule cited above).
  34. Not allowed bright color lipstick (the kind that looks very, very bright and shiny).
  35. No colored nails on wedding day. The only colors allowed to are American, French or nude.
  36. I will provide the bride with my normal seven day schedule within five days after signing this contract.
  37. I will accept save at least $50 a month for expenses for the next 14 months.

Facebook users rated the Ridiculous and idiotic girlfriend demands.

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