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Feel the emotion of the colors or live each goal with intensity, turning your home into the official venue of the Eurocup

Feel the emotion of the colors or live each goal with intensity, turning your home into the official venue of the Eurocup

Amsterdam, Budapest, Copenhagen or London are some of the venues where the Eurocup is disputed this year. However, due to the restrictions that each territory may apply for the arrival of foreigners and the health situation with which society lives, the Better option what is there enjoy it from home. But not anyway.

To feel the emotion of the colors, appreciate every detail or live each goal with intensity you can turn your house into the official headquarters of the Eurocup. How? Very easy.

Sit inside the stadium

There is no feeling that equals the emotion of living a match from the field itself soccer. Or so it was believed before the arrival of the 4K TVs. Currently, these appliances have specific features that increase the sound quality and facilitate a range of more authentic colors. All this with the aim of providing a more complete immersion Y close to reality.

  • SONY UHD ANDROID XH8096 TV. Modern television that stands out for its image quality, as well as for its ultra-slim and elegant design. It is designed so that you can enjoy some more vivid 4K images, both in color and in contrast and quality. In addition, it comes with a design that facilitates auditory immersion thanks to its X-balanced loudspeaker. A perfect option to experience each penalty with the greatest intensity.

  • Philips PUS7555. Smart TV with a wide application catalog like YouTube, Netflix, Rakuten, among others. It has support for Dolby Vision so the quality of the brightness, color and contrast son superior. When there is a football game, you will see that the shadows will be deeper, the surfaces brighter and the colors more authentic. In addition, you will verify that the sound listening clear and powerful.

4K TVs provide a more complete and close to reality immersion

Celebrate and toast with every goal

One of the better sensations that a football fan can live is celebrate a goal. Whether with friends, family or alone, toasting with every goal is sacred. And what better than to do it with a drink fresh from the fridge to quench heat, thirst and applaud a masterful move.

There are those who prefer to toast with beer and there are those who prefer to do so with other types of soft drinks. But what is common to all fans is that the drink is very cold. To do this, what better way than to take advantage of Whirlpool Refrigerator features | WW9 921COX and the offers from Extra week.

With a sliding drawer with integrated humidity control allowing you to keep your fresh fruits and vegetables up to 15 days. With an exclusive Fresh Pad technology that separates fruits and vegetables from the moisture they release when stored. As well as, with a antibacterial additive special, what reduces harmful bacteria up to 99.9% on the surface of the vegetable rack. This appliance not only perfect for keeping drinks cold, but it is one of the best options for storing food on a day-to-day basis. Promotion valid from June 1 to 26.

If you sweat, let it be only for penalties

The penalties are one of the football classics that make fans suffer the most. The tension they always provoke turns the games into epic plays. Every second counts, and while the footballers leave their skin in not disappointing the fans, fans suffer as much or more than they. Therefore, it is not strange that at the end of the game, for the heat and the excitement, the t-shirts of the fans be so soaked like those of own players.

However, as this year the official venue of the Eurocup can be your own home, forget about the suffocation of the Alicante heat thanks to LG 32CONFWF, the last technology in air conditioners. Take advantage of offers from the Extra week and get hold of it. Promotion valid from June 1 to 26.

Don’t let the heat spoil your favorite shirt

Yes, lthe tension of each game will still be there, otherwise, football would lose its essence.

Consultation here all offers and turn your house into the official venue of Euro 2021.

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