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Do you know if your garage door is approved?

One of the main obligations of the communities of owners is the legalization of the metal garage door

One of the main obligations of the communities of owners is the legalization of the metal garage door

With the arrival of summer, neighborhood meetings are organized to settle the needs in the building. One of the main obligations of the communities of owners is the garage door legalization, with the CE marking, as well as that which does not comply, must be adapted with the installation of the safety devices.

In addition, the owner or administrator of the farm in question will have the obligation to demand from the installer the documentation issued by the manufacturer with CE Marking and that the door bears the distinctive, to ensure that it complies with the regulations.

Something that the owner must take into account is the risk of accident, when the doors are not approved, either due to not complying with the regulations or due to lack of maintenance, requirements that the insurance company will demand. The owner or owners are responsible for the damages, both by the door regulations regulated by Industry, as well as by the civil code and the Horizontal Property law.

The appearance of the regulations on doors It is not a novelty, but there are thousands of doors in urbanizations and buildings that do not comply with the legal regulationsTherefore, the administration, by a simple routine control or by the complaint of other neighbors, carries out inspection campaigns in which it informs the owners of the deficiencies in the doors.

To avoid these unwanted visits and responsibilities in the event of an accident, the owner must ensure that the door complies with the regulations and contracts the services of a maintenance company, which must evaluate the possible risks and adopt the corresponding actions in order to eliminate any danger that the use of the door may cause.

Where to find professionals in metalwork and automatic doors in Alicante?

With this FEMPA initiative, it is intended to make known to users and consumers those companies that meet the criteria and legal requirements that guarantee their professionalism

FEMPA, with the support of the Alicante Provincial Council, has created a web platform what brings together companies and professionals qualified companies of the Province of Alicante, with the aim of giving visibility and putting at their fair value the companies in the sector that comply with all the required parameters and who dominate disciplines such as electricity, welding, automation, etc.

The platform brings together companies and professionals from the Province of Alicante in the specialties of Manufacturers, Installers and Maintainers of Automatic Doors, Metalwork, Metal Structures, Awnings and Locks.

This FEMPA initiative is intended to inform users and consumers of those companies that comply with the legal criteria and requirements that guarantee their professionalism, also counting on qualified personnel who, together with other conditions, allow the inclusion of the CE Marking in the products they sell.

How to identify yourself as an accredited company?

To identify yourself as an accredited company and use the new badges it is necessary be registered on the web and comply with the required requirements for registration.

FEMPA offers a new training on metal carpentry and locksmithing for neighborhood communities, commercial premises and garages with the European regulations on the use and maintenance of automatic doors in neighboring communities.

On Line Course on CE Marking on Industrial, Commercial and Garage Doors

The need to have a professional accreditation for the activity of installation and maintenance of automatic doors, it was the starting point that motivated the Metal Federation FEMPA, supported by Spanish Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers, to launch the initiative that promotes this certification for the qualified professional in the sector of industrial, garage, commercial doors, automatic pedestrian doors and fire doors.

More and more companies are interested in training their teams on the CE Marking regulations in doors with the aim of certify its operators as qualified professionals, and offer the maintenance of automatic doors in neighboring communities. Thus, on November 11, a new online course in this mandatory ce marking for industrial, commercial and garage doors.

The CE Marking regulations on doors and maintenance of automatic doors is a priority in neighboring communities

Once this course has been completed, professionals in the sector will be able to obtain the regulatory and technical knowledge necessary to comply with the provisions of the Construction Products Regulation, and in this way, they will be in a position to design and manufacture doors in accordance with the regulations, as well as successfully pass the type tests carried out by a Notified Laboratory.

In addition, this training complements the preparation of the participants for its certification in the specialty of industrial doors through Certmetal, the Personnel Certification Service approved by ENAC.

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