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Do you love tamales? What is the fun Mexican tradition of Candlemas Day?

All the February 2nd in Mexico the Candlemas day. A tradition of religious origin which has become a social party of great enjoyment, in which the celebration star are the unequaled and exquisite: tamales.

First things first, the Candlemas day It is a popular festival celebrated by Catholics and commemorating the presentation of the baby Jesus in the church, the purification of the Virgin after delivery and, of course Virgin of Candelaria, appeared in Tenerife in Spain, in the fifteenth century. It is celebrated every year, on February 2 and, in some places of Mexico and the world lasts for several days, generally in those regions in which the Virgin of Candelaria is the patron of the place.

But in Mexico not only is it a religious holiday, with the passage of time it became more of a social party that brings together friends Y family. It is well known that in mexican culture, the typical party they have one special relevance and it is true that their celebrations are distinguished by being full of flavors, colors Y aromas, of what more vibrant.

According to information released by the National Institute of Indigenous Peoples (INPI), in some towns of the Mexican republic, February 2 there is the important custom of bless the ears, which will serve for the next planting season. According to beliefs, it is the day that everything is purified and consider it a bode well, for the year that begins.

In fact in some regions they also perform the traditional lifting of the childThey also usually carry portraits of the God child at local churches. In such a way that Catholics in Mexico usually relate to the day of Candlemas, as the culmination of the cycle of Christmas festivities.

The most happening important Y traditional, is to raise the birth and bless the child God with candles, to later present it in the temple. In the most typical towns, it is customary to appoint a sponsor from year to year, who will be responsible for dress the child the following year. It is also customary to carry Virgin of Candelaria in procession with music rockets Y dances.

For these reasons the Candlemas day, it is also a date to share and in fact it relates to the tradition of the Rosca de Reyes. All the January 6th the mexican families they usually meet split the thread Y drink hot chocolate, those people who found “to the kid” in your piece of bread will be responsible for sponsor the tamaliza, February 2.

So that every February 2, families usually meet again to enjoy a succulent variety of tamales Y atole. It is worth mentioning that offer of tamales in Mexico it is deliciously extensive and there are them for all tastes. Rajas with cheese, pumpkin, beans, mole and greens, are the more traditional salty. There are sweet tamales and varieties of local fruits, such as pineapple, capulín, plum, apricot, guava, tejocote Y Strawberry. Currently the tamale industry in Mexico, it has grown to leaps and bounds and have created versions with very novel ingredients, as is the case with different types of vvegetables, cheeses, stews, pickles, sauces Y chiles, the most original. There are even versions other gourmet made with olive oil. And in the case of sweets, the sea of ​​possibilities is immense, the most popular: cajeta, chocolate, dulce de leche, nutella, walnut, rice pudding, cheese with blackberry and ate.

The consumption of tamalli or tamale, word from Nahuatl word what does it mean: carefully wrapped. Without a doubt the fact celebrate eating tamales, is a great way to enhance the immense culinary legacy of Mexico.

The truth is that in Mexico, there is always the perfect celebration to enjoy your gastronomic delights. And what better than eating tamales Y atole, in the company of loved ones. There is no doubt that every February 2, it’s worth breaking the diet tasting the most emblematic variants of tamales.

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