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Do you want to be when you grow up? Opinion

Valentin Rome, in a file image.
Valentin Rome, in a file image.ALBERT GARCÍA

One day we went to a concert with some really good guys; They were friends who never made it or tried to become a professional musician, but they kept their passion, rehearsed from time to time and took a gig in bars if it arose. One of them was told by his parents that if he wanted to continue playing, he should first study a career and find a serious job. We take true outrages for granted, and that is one of the worst; first because there are barely two or three serious jobs, and second because, if it’s serious, when you finish your workday you can’t start playing the tambourine. I immediately fantasized about a group of notaries meeting at night to attest to all kinds of documents, some guys working feverishly in a garage, giving free rein to their true passion because when they were teenagers their parents told them to stop working. so much Civil Code, and first they look for the future like stars of the rock. In this way, Mick, Keith, Ron and Charlie found a serious job as rolling stone so that, when the records and tours were finished, they could get together and do what they like the most: reviewing the land registry deeds.

Being a teenager is the most difficult job in the world and if you have a vocation, I won’t even tell you: it will probably expire in five years. I spent my childhood and adolescence playing tennis every day of my life, and the fact of competing made something that I loved end up hating it; actually what I liked was soccer, so I joined a team that still has nightmares with me because I was good at the racket, but I had no idea of ​​stopping a ball. I was good at what I no longer liked, I was terrible at what I liked, and I dedicated myself to the latter because I have always done what I like, even if it falls into ridicule, irrelevance or mediocrity; Furthermore, soccer is a sport in which, when you win, you think about what you contributed, and when you lose, about what others stopped contributing.

Valentín Roma, for example, was a footballer in the lower categories of Atlético de Madrid, won the Copa del Rey for youth, played for the national team and when he was offered his first professional contract, he left it. Two years ago he published a book, Portrait of teenage soccer player (Peripheral), in which he recounts a fascinating process: the disfigurement of the soccer star and the construction of the teacher, art critic and writer that he is today; the impertinence of the mute, told with an amazing talent, is used to relate something even better that I summarize, badly because it is much more complex, in this declassified paragraph: “In my world it is not easy to admit pleasure without becoming an impostor or without harming that selfless life that parents represent, without betraying our economic position and our ideology of suffering ”.

And two certainties. He quit football when he was offered to join the elite, and was surprised by how easy it was. “The millions that moved around me (…) did not worry anyone. This can be read in multiple ways; My favorite is that, despite everything, nothing ever happens ”. And the last of a type, Roma, who at the Atleti soccer players’ residence received calls from her father to ask if he was following the changes in the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party: “When we dressed as soccer players we bought bulls to transgress all the limits. We were authorized to be liars and hoarders, to retaliate with the sole objective of measuring our degree of harshness. Later, when we left the dressing room, we returned to the values ​​from which we had been exonerated ”.

It is likely that not only do we have no idea who we are, but we go on living to find out, always without fortune.

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