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Do you want to buy a car? This is the best Ford Alicante dealership

Jesús Alonso, president and CEO of Ford Spain, presents the award to José Antonio Mira, manager of Ford Mundicar

Jesús Alonso, president and CEO of Ford Spain, presents the award to José Antonio Mira, manager of Ford Mundicar

The winners of the Chairman’s Award are chosen each year at the European level taking into account different areas of attention and customer service both in sales and after sales. The selection process is based on the opinion of Ford’s own customers, who, through the responses and opinions expressed in the brand satisfaction questionnaires, they act as sole jury Y decide which dealerships offer the best service and, therefore, who should be creditors of the Chairman’s Award, which is awarded to the top 30. This award is the most important recognition that Ford delivers to recognize the work carried out by its different official representatives in customer service.

His third award

Mundicar received this award yesterday, June 17, from Jesús Alonso, President and CEO of Ford Spain. The award ceremony took place at the Ford Mundicar facilities in Alicante and was attended by José Antonio Mira, Dealer Manager, Bartolomé Poyatos, General Director of Grupo Montalt, Alberto Martín, Deputy General Director of Grupo Montalt, and a important part of the dealer staff.

With this distinction Ford Mundicar is awarded, for the third time, for its commitment to offering a high quality service. The customer satisfaction and loyalty they are the fundamental pillars of this concessionaire that is part of the Montalt Group.

From left to right, Jesús Alonso, president and CEO of Ford Spain; José Antonio Mira, manager of Ford Mundicar in Alicante; Bartolomé Poyatos, CEO of Grupo Montalt; and Alberto Martín, deputy general manager of Grupo Montalt

On this occasion, Jesús Alonso wanted to recognize the efforts of the dealers in 2020, concluding that Ford appreciates the “top” work that the entire dealership has done. And he especially thanked José Antonio Mira for his dedication as team leader. The manager of Mundicar added that, without a doubt, 2020 had been one of the most difficult years of this century, due to the global pandemic, and that had not only affected economically, but also socially and personally. And for that reason, I wanted to dedicate this award to all the workers of Mundicar, since thanks to their efforts it has been possible to obtain this award.

The event was attended by an important part of the dealer’s staff

A proven track record

MundicarOfficial Ford Dealer in Alicante, it belongs to the Montalt Group, a leading automotive network of dealers in Spain with more than 40 years of experience in the sector. Mundicar, began its activity in March 1982 with more than 35 years as an Official Ford Dealer. We have professionals specialized in the sector to guarantee a personalized treatment and qualified to continue to base ourselves on our fundamental value, the satisfaction of our clients. Are specialists in Commercial Vehicles and Sales to Companies, covering the demand of all our clients in each of the business areas.

More information

Address: Avinguda d’Elx, 160, 03008 Alicante

Telephone: 965 28 71 22


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