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Doctors in health centers “self-regulate” against the “inaction” of Health

Access to the Altabix health center in Elche.

Access to the Altabix health center in Elche.

The Forum of Primary Care Physicians of the Valencian Community has proposed to the doctors and pediatricians of the centers three measures to lower saturation who suffer daily and due to the “lack of proposals” from the Ministry of Health in this regard.

The first measure proposed by the forum is that, if at the end of the working day, there are still telephone consultations to be carried out, the doctors send an email or writing with registration of entry to the medical coordinator stating the situation and with an attached copy of the lists of patients who have not been able to attend.

Another recommendation is focus’ on the performance of medical functions that are attributed to us, Y not from other bureaucratic processes that do not add value to it ». At this point, the forum recommends sending the lists of demands for improper bureaucratic assistance to the Directorates of Primary Care and / or medical coordinators, “to be carried out by whoever corresponds.”

In the event that there is pressure to perform these bureaucratic tasks or to extend the working day in order to serve all patients on the agenda, the Forum advises that these orders are required in writing to the Primary Care directorates or to the medical coordinators, in order to report this situation.

The Forum of Primary Care Physicians ensures that these measures have been consulted with their legal services to self-manage day to day, «under a legal, deontological and patient safety framework “and argue that they are taken” to face the current unaffordable demand for care. ”

This entity prepared a document months ago with 16 measures to be implemented quickly for the rebuilding phase. “Inaction on these issues has only led us, months later, to the exhaustion and subsequent collapse of the public health system, which must continue to play a key role in managing the remainder of the pandemic and into the future.” After several months of proposals and negotiations, they add from the forum, «we observe that the steps that the Ministry of Health is taking, do not solve in the short term the dramatic situation that family doctors and Primary Care pediatricians in the Valencian Community live in the day to day of our consultations ».

This Forum ensures that it already predicted in May that the role of Primary Care would play in the second hello a more important role than in the early phases of the pandemic.

“The retaining wall that is Primary Care has been torn down”

They have run over us like a tractor. The retaining wall that is Primary Care is like the one in Berlin: knocked down. And we see it because the covid has returned to the ICUs. This is how María Ángeles Medina, president of the Valencian Association of Family and Community Medicine, expresses herself, who clarifies that these recommendations made from the Forum of Primary Care Physicians are voluntary. Definitive clarifications and suggestions formulated in the absence of reinforcements. “These recommendations, if not well explained to the patient, can be unpopular. Please don’t get us wrong. What we want is to take good care of the sick. We are asking for quality and time, not to go to patient volume “, says Medina, while adding that the average is seeing 60 people a day, but with peaks of up to 100.” More than anger, depression predominates. It is a problem of caring for the caregiver. There are many colleagues with psychological loss, with high blood pressure, angina pectoris, we do not sleep well … We are in a non-virtuous circle and this is a long-distance race », he adds.

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