Wednesday, December 2

Doctors in Spain call for “the immediate cessation” of Simón

The Assembly of the General Council of Medical Associations (CGCOM), which groups the 52 Medical Associations of Spain, has approved request the “immediate cessation” of Fernando Simón as director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies of the Ministry of Health, “for his manifest and prolonged disability throughout the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic“.” A change of direction is urgent in the management of the pandemic that requires the staging of an independent Committee of Experts, “they point out.

The Collegiate Medical Organization, which also requests “a public rectification of the latest statements”, recalls that he has expressed his disagreement and discomfort over statements made by Simón in his appearances to report on the evolution of the pandemic.

Thus, they specify that disagree with “statements such as that all diagnostic tests were being performed on close contacts of infected toilets in healthcare teams in stages with a high incidence of professional infections, the implementation of guidelines for returning to work without guarantees for either the professional or the citizen, clear discrepancies on the situation of the pandemic and the measures to take, and above all, the absence of a Committee of Experts composed of recognized, independent and transparent professionals, as well as the absence of an evaluation system to improve the response to Covid-19 outbreaks in conjunction with other health agents “.

But, as they point out, a statement made at the press conference last Thursday was the reason for this request for cessation, “some statements in which it literally expresses, about the number of infections of health professionals that ‘now health professionals have a learning with respect to the first wave. Managers make better care circuits in hospitals. And obviously, the toilets have a better behavior avoiding being infected outside their work space ‘”.

“These statements, made from the knowledge of the damage that the Covid-19 pandemic has left and is leaving on health workers in general and on doctors in particular, and that place us at the head of infected among the countries of our environment, not only represent a act of demotivation, misunderstanding and lack of sensitivity -they continue in the statement-, but rather express a manifest ignorance of the working conditions to which we have been subjected (absence of personal protective equipment, lack of diagnostic tests, etc.), and of the responsibility and vocation with the one that thousands of colleagues are developing their activity from medical professionalism and from close collaborative action with the rest of the health professions “.

Remember that 72 doctors have died in the care practice since March, while “hundreds of colleagues fight daily to overcome the consequences of the infection, and thousands continue to fight to counteract the effects of a pandemic such as we had not known before. Professionals who are asked to sacrifice, appealing to their vocation and from whom it is abused because of its commitment to the patient and to society “, they add.

In addition, they recall that the profession “insistently demands that the SARS-Cov-2 virus infection be recognized as an occupational disease and that it be a risk profession.”

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