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Doctors order Elizabeth II to extend her rest “at least two weeks” | International

Doctors hardly “order”, rather “recommend”, to the Queen of England what she should do to take care of her health. But by now it has become clear that Elizabeth II, even if reluctantly, will do what the professionals tell her. And in this case, as reported by Buckingham Palace, he will extend his prescribed rest “for at least the next two weeks.” The decision of the British royal house to initially hide the Queen’s admission to a London hospital, last Wednesday, to carry out “preliminary investigations”, has unleashed suspicions and speculation in the UK press, to Despite the fact that, unlike the treatment given to the rest of the members of the royal family, the information about Elizabeth II always tends to highlight the most optimistic official version. “Doctors have advised Her Majesty to keep dispatch tasks less burdensome, such as some virtual hearings, but not to carry out official visits. His Majesty regrets that the decision implies not being able to attend the Festival of Remembrance [ceremonia de la Royal British Legion para rendir homenaje a los caídos por Reino Unido y la Commonwealth] next November 14 ”, has announced the Buckingham Palace in a statement.

Since the death of her husband and prince consort, Philip of Edinburgh, last April, Elizabeth II had intensified her official agenda, a move interpreted by the British press as the will to record that the queen was still at full capacity . The excess of activity ended up taking its toll, and citizens were able to see the monarch for the first time using a cane to get around. Shortly after, Buckingham Palace announced the cancellation of a two-day official visit to Northern Ireland. The doctors then ordered the queen to pause for “a few days” in her activity. Beyond the public concern for his health, what happened is the confirmation of something that the royal house has been anticipating for months: Elizabeth II will not give up the reins of the throne, but little by little she will share and delegate tasks to her heirs. Carlos of England has increasingly assumed the representation of the crown, and it is also natural that in a matter that is so dear to him as the fight against climate change, he assumes a reinforced role. And the same for his son, Prince William.

The pandemic was the perfect testing ground for Elizabeth II to get used to new technologies and begin to display a more virtual than physical ubiquity. Once the confinement is over, and although the monarch has received her full vaccination schedule (and possibly the booster injection, although Buckingham has not informed about it, the British – and the rest of the world – will have to get used to the fact that the queen is increasingly behind a screen.

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