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Does Adamari López leave ‘Hoy Día’?… She and Telemundo respond

Adamari López, Nacho Lozano, Chiquibaby and Arantxa Loizaga.

Photo: Today / Telemundo

This Wednesday Javier Ceriani and Elia Beristain threw one of their usual ‘bombs’: that Adamari Lopez came out of ‘Today’, but it’s true? Us We asked her and Telemundo directly.

Yes, we contacted Adamari, and through his manager and publicity team, Latin Icons, he told us the following: “We have not received any notification about it. Please contact Telemundo”.

And so we did We wrote to Telemundo to find out its reaction to this information., and the response from part of the chain was as follows: “Regarding your query, there is nothing like that. Everything remains the same”.

What are these supposed changes that ‘Gossip No Like’ ensures that we will see not only in the morning show, but also in the rest of the programming?

As reported by Beristain and Ceriani, ‘Hoy Día’ would make one last bet to try to get it out of the great rating crisis they have, for that, they ensure that its news orientation would be not only the first two hours but the entire show.

‘Gossip No Like’ said that his sources confirmed that The entertainment would be totally out of the morning, so they assured that Adamari López would leave the show, but Ceriani confirmed that he would be left out of ‘Hoy Día’, but not from the chain, she would go on to make a soap opera and even risked saying that she would play a villain character.

We took on the task of do our own research, and we can confirm that although there is no talk of changes, there is a lot of nervousness between the talent and part of the production because the show would not be going through its best moment.

The changes in production would not yet be bearing fruit, it would not even be reflected on the screen, just at the moment when its direct competition, ‘Despierta América’, is throwing the house out the window celebrating its 25th anniversary.

The next week is key for the programming of the networks in general because we entered the first period of Sweeps, where the rating is measured with which the advertising guideline for each show will be set. Therefore, each program will seek to have the best, whether in pieces, guests, interviews or specials.

Let us remember once again, that as we told you at the beginning of the article, Telemundo denied the changes and Adamari’s departure.


Elisa and Javier said that ‘Al Rojo Vivo’ went from the news department to the entertainment department, so now, they would go back to what they once tried with María Celeste Arrarás when they went from the 5/4 PM Central time slot to 4/3 PM Central to compete with ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’.

Ceriani assured that with this setback in the afternoon show, It is very possible that Jorge Bernal will return to the program after the cancellation of ‘Suelta la Sopa’. And that the talk show that Ana Patricia Gámez rejected would be done with former Miss Universe Andrea Meza.

Each of the parties assures that they have the truth… It is not the first time that ‘Gossip No Like’ has been denied and then what the irreverent journalists reported happens. But it is also true that It would be very delicate for a chain to play with its credibility and deny something that eventually becomes a reality.

It only remains to wait and find out what the immediate future of Telemundo will be, who would not be going through its best moment.



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